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My Favorite MM Recipes: Desserts, Snacks and Dinners


Apple Compote (the fancy way of saying Apple Pie Filling)
Directions: Peel and dice 3 apples. Heat on the stove with some 1/4c apple juice and some grated ginger. Once they are soft,remove from heat and add a mixture of a little more apple juice plus 1T arrowroot. Stir and it will thicken. Then add maple syrup and a little honey to taste. You can also sprinkle cinnamon.
I live in Ireland and this recipe is definitely based on my favorite Irish apple pie. They don't add lemon, just apple juice and sugar to their apple filling. Obviously we're not doing the sugar but it's delicious.

Add Oat Ginger Crumple
First, using a coffee grinder, make 1/4C of GF oat flour. Then combine with 1/4C of oats. Add little honey, maple syrup, fresh grated ginger and some water. The consistency should be like cookie dough. Throw in the oven for 10 minutes. I don't like mine crunchy. It ended up being soft and chewy and delicious on the apple compote! I also sprinkled some cinnamon on top.
*I'm guessing on the measurements here.
Lazy Maduros______________________________________
These are great for breakfast on top of sweet potatoes, oatmeal or for dessert later in the day. Maduros is a South American dish usually made with plantains. Plantains are hard to find and difficult to cook. I find that these taste almost the same when cooked correctly and they are super fast to make. Basically heat some honey in a pan, let it start bubbling, then add the sliced bananas. Just fry a little till it browns a bit. Then flip if and fry the other side if you want. You'll need to do this on a non-stick pan.You can also add some cinnamon. *If you try to cook them in the oven they cook weird and look strange. 
Date Apricot Oat Bars_
Using a food process blend 4 large dates or a bunch of small ones (pit removed), 2T-1/4C GF oats, 10-15 dried apricots (the brown ones not the pretty orange ones. The pretty orange ones have weird chemicals.) Blend together. Then smush into a square, cut and keep them in the fridge. Both dates and apricots are allowed on the cleanse. Dates heal so much Dates ( as well as apricots Apricots (

This recipe is similar to this recipe Apricot Bars ( but altered so you can eat them during a cleanse.  

On certain day MM recommends not to eat dried fruit in the morning on day 7-9, please review the day. 
Wild Blueberry Parfait____________________________
Bored of your smoothie... parfait time! 

Recipe: In a pot, mix wbb, lime juice (can do lemon), arrowroot powder. Heat slowly after you mix it and it will thicken. Keep stirring. Remove from heat then add maple syrup and a little honey. It tastes like blueberry pie. So good! Place in fridge to cool down. Next blend fresh banana with peeled pear. Add frozen banana and frozen mango. Once the wbb have cooled, add together in a pretty glass container.

Don’t underestimate making it pretty for yourself 

Tip: I make extra wild blueberry pie filling when I make my breakfast. I keep it in the refrigerator to use later in the day.

Sweet Potato Bars or Sweet Potato Creme
These are sooo good! I'll be making them weekly going forward so I will probably be updating this recipe. Sweet potatoes are AMAZING for the vagina and the digestive system. There are few tricks to cooking with sweet potatoes. First, they HAVE TO BE ORGANIC per MM. Non-organic sweet potatoes and potatoes sit in dirt full of pesticides. Eek! Next, the ones with the most flavor are the thinner and smaller ones. I found the big ones to be bland, it really does make a difference. The best way to cook a sweet potato for flavor is to bake them on a cookie sheet at 400 for 40-55 minutes. Nothing on them and DON'T poke them. Cook them till skins puff a bit. I find steaming them or baking them in a covered dish with water doesn't allow the flavor to cook or condense. You will be losing some of the "living water" baking them like this but they're good, really good and still very moist. Side note: these always make me poop... so there you go. I bet you've never read that statement on a food blog before! Haha!

Sweet Potato Creme
3 cups of baked sweet potatoes
1/4c maple syrup (or more depending how sweet you want it... you can also add a bit of honey)
2T arrowroot (it would be good to first mix the arrowroot with the maple syrup so it doesn't clump)
fresh grated ginger to taste (just use a parmesan grater)
cinnamon to taste
ground cloves to taste

Ginger Oat Flour Crust
1c organic GF oat flour (ground in coffee grinder)
1/2 organic GF oats
1/2c maple syrup
little honey to taste
ginger to taste
1/4c water

Directions: Bake 6 or more sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 for 40-55 minutes until the skin has puffed up a bit. While those are cooking prepare the crust. Use a coffee grinder to make oat flour then combine it with crust ingredients above and mix thoroughly. Line your dish with parchment paper. Then press the dough into the bottom of the pan. Once the potatoes are finished cooking, use an an immersion blender or a food processor (it might be too thick for a normal blender... I'm not sure here) to blend the hot potatoes with the other creme ingredients above. Blend thoroughly especially the arrowroot. Add the blended creme to the top of the crust. Cook in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Cool in refrigerator for 2 hours or until your kids find it and start eating it. This dish was 6 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. 
*If you want to make the creme without making it into bars, you don't need the arrowroot. Arrowroot is only needed to solidify the creme into bars.MM does include arrowroot in a few of his recipes in the Cleanse to Heal book so it's definitely cleanse safe. 

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Creme
I was craving the sweet potato recipe above but I already ate most of the sweet potatoes in the house. Hehe. Both of my children prefer this recipe but I think I might like the sweet potato one a little more.My children prefer this recipe. My son says it tastes like pumpkin pie and it really does. My two year old ate half my bowl and if she doesn't like something she will look you straight in the eyes and let the partially masticated food drop from her mouth back onto MY plate. So the fact that she ate a lot of this creme equates to a 5 star rating in toddlerland. Sigh. Kids.

During a cleanse I've learned to swap the deeply ingrained idea that dinner is savory and dessert is sweet. During a cleanse my large dinner course is sweet and I'll throw in something green before or after. That's helped a lot. Just think like a child... I get to have dessert for dinner! Hehe ;) For example, first I'll eat this creme bowl then a bit later I'll eat an artichoke with lemon/garlic dip. I don't usually eat them at the same sitting cause the creme bowl made me super full and they would taste weird together. 

1 cup of baked sweet potatoes and 2 cups of baked butternut squash
1/4c maple syrup (or more depending how sweet you want it)
1T arrowroot 
fresh grated ginger to taste (just use a parmesan grater)
cinnamon to taste
ground cloves to taste
*This recipe only makes one bowl so you might want to double it

Directions: Bake 2 or more small sweet potatoes and 1 butternut squash in the oven at 400 for 40-55 minutes until the sweet potato skin has puffed up a bit and the butternut is soft. Once they are finished cooking, measure the filling of each and use a blender or food processor to blend with maple syrup till smooth. Then add the other creme ingredients above. Blend thoroughly especially the arrowroot. Enjoy! 


I'm just gonna be honest here... I find dinner to be the most challenging meal during the cleanse. Traditionally it's a savory dish and that's hard to do without salt. I wouldn't consider these dishes delicious but they are good enough. I also usually eat my sweet potato baked in orange during during dinner then add some other green vegetable. Then I always follow one with a dessert course that I really enjoy.

Baked Sweet Potato, Salsa and Asparagus
I bake 3 sweet potatoes at a time and keep them in my fridge. I’m a sweet potato connoisseur. The trick to the perfect sweet potato is to pick out the thinner ones at the grocery store. They are sweeter. Next, rinse and peel them then place them in a cooking dish in the over with about an inch of water. Put a lid on the dish. Cook at 375F/200C for 30 minutes. Turn over. Then check back every 10 minutes. You want to cook them all the way through without evaporating the water in the pan. I swear they are better once they are cooled in the fridge. They are also super delicious if you bake them this way with orange juice instead of water.

Fresh Salsa ( - In this recipe I kept out the jalapeno and salt since this is for the cleanse. I also enjoy the same meal but with an artichoke. For dipping sauce I use one of the dressings from the salads above.

Sweet Potato Creme & Wild Blueberry Compote
The problem with dinner during a 369 cleanse is the expectation that it must be savory hence salty. But since we are not allowed to eat salt during a cleanse I was stumped. I tried a BUNCH of recipes that were supposed to be savory vegetable dishes that didn't contain salt but they just tasted bland. So for this meal I abandoned my "salty/savory" requirement and it was delicious. It was like eating dessert for dinner! It was also SUPER filling.

Peel, dice and steam purple sweet potatoes
Once softened, blend them with some apple juice and maple syrup (just enough needed to blend). Just keeping tasting them till you like it. I also added some grated ginger that was delicious.

In a small pot over low/medium heat, mix wild blueberries, lime juice (can do lemon) and some arrowroot (optional). Stir intermittently cause the arrowroot will harden to the bottom of the pot. Once thickened, then add maple syrup or a mixture of coconut sugar/honey. It tastes like blueberry pie. So good!

Roasted Tomatoes
So these really are delicious. Try to find REALLY RED baby tomatoes, that makes a big difference. Slice in half then mix with seasonings. I've done paprika, thyme, basil, garlic powder or fresh minced garlic. I even done paprika, basil, ground cloves (which was different but good). Mix then roast on 350F/180C for about 20 minutes or so. Honestly, these don't need salt.

Roasted Tomato Zucchini Pasta
Peel your zucchini then spiralize it into noodles. In a pan, heat a little water, minced garlic and red pepper flakes for a few minutes. Add zucchini and fry for about 5 minutes, stir a few times. Add roasted tomatoes.

This dish is strange. If I had eaten this on my first cleanse I probably would have thought this dish to be very plain. Now that I'm on my 6th cleanse, I found it quite flavorful. I'm guessing that my taste buds are starting to change and heal while cleansing. Wild.

If you are NOT on the cleanse, add a little salt. It would be delicious. 

Dill Potato Salad & Roasted Tomatoes
This is super good. Peel 1/2 of the potatoes, dice them and add them to your steamer. The important step here is to add a little salt while they are cold. Potatoes absorb the salt while they are cooking. This will make or break your dish.
-While your potatoes are cooking make your tomatoes (see recipe above) and only add a little garlic powder and maybe a little paprika. The tomatoes don't need a lot of seasonings.
-Next, blend 1 avocado with 1/2 lime, 1-2 garlic cloves (minced), little salt and 4-5 diced steamed potatoes. Then stir in fresh or dried dill (probably more than you think... to taste), dried chives (to taste).
-For a bowl about the size in the picture, I mixed about 1/2 the avocado mixture with the steamed potatoes then added a bit of diced red onions.
-I used a lot dill and my toddler still loved them! If she doesn't like the food I give her she will look me straight in the eye and just let the partially masticated food fall slowly out of her mouth onto her plate, MY plate, the ground... once even the dog. Sigh.

My Favorite MM Cleanse Dinners

I'll be trying these recipes during this cleanse and keep you posted... fingers crossed!


  1. This is an awesome blog! The way you cook is the way I cook - a little of this, a little of that. Try it til you like it! Love that it is MM as well. I'm going to try some of these recipes because steamed sweet potatoes kind of leave me cold. I love the Japanese sweet potato in a pie with lemon and maple syrup with an almond/date crust or date coconut crust. Thanks for the inspiration even though my healing issues are different than yours. Kathryn

  2. by the way, I wanted to say that I like the Banana Nori Wraps but not together. The Nori gets soggy and ends up hard to chew. So just eat them all but separately.


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