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Is your vagina in pain? Are the doctors clueless? I am healed from vulvodynia (vaginal burning), chronic UTIs, vulva irritation, painful sex, chronic yeast, etc by following the protocols taught by  Anthony William, Medical Medium . The name of this website is really inaccurate. It should be titled  Anthony William’s Cure for Angry Vaginas . This website will hopefully help guide you through this healing process using my experience and the experience of other women who have also healed vaginal issues following MM info. Important point: I/we are not here to sell you anything. There are no affiliate links on this website. I do not make any money from this website. Myself and other women on this site were just very very sick for a very long time and after we healed, we couldn't just walk away. My main goal is to shorten your healing time. That's it.  Some people crochet as a hobby, others knit... I like help women heal their vaginas. It's a strange hobby but it's very fulf
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What to Expect While Healing: Detox Process, Self-Compassion, Staying Sane, Healing Flares

When I first started healing I was expecting the pain to decrease on a downward slope. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It was like riding a roller coaster BUILT on a downward slope. At times, certain green juices (hello... celery/cucumber/cilantro) would reduce my vaginal burning from a level ten to zero in 25 minutes but at other times it took me days or months or longer to get certain vaginal ailments to heal. Then when I thought I was done healing my vagina, BAM my vagina would burn horribly once again. In my experience, I don’t think many of my flares (post finding MM) were from the detox culprits listed in section 4 below. At the time, I could connect most of these flares to the shit food I was eating here and there. At the time, my mornings were pretty MM flawless (LW, CJ, HMDS, etc) but I really struggled how to feed myself later in day. Please don’t take this approach if you can avoid it! The cleaner you eat, the faster you will heal! Even though some of my healing journey

Having Trouble Getting the Pain Down? How to Troubleshoot Your Protocol

My healing journey was definitely not a downward slope… the experience was more like a roller coaster built on a downward slope. Yes, pain decreased but then it increased, then it spiked, then it went down again. If someone watched me heal, it would have seemed all over the place. My flares would emotionally floor me because when something went wrong it would take me a while to figure out what happened and how to address it. I would read MM info and create a hypothesis and a protocol. I would try that protocol for a bit. Then usually my first try didn't work so I would dive back into MM information and create another hypothesis/protocol. I kept trying different elements, looking for breadcrumbs of insight.  Sometimes it just took more time and I needed to have patience. Other times it worked after increasing supplementation, removing something toxic from my home environment, trying different protocols or focusing on specific recommendations within one protocol.  Yes, there were def

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You Don't Need To Do This Alone I healed the majority of my vaginal pain before Medical Medium wrote his first book. I pulled information from his radio shows and blog posts. I healed before the Medical Medium communities were created. I healed alone and it was bullshit. Yes, my angels guided me through the process and God had to lift me out of despair a few times. I am very grateful for their help and wouldn't be here without them but for the majority of my battle I was by myself. No one should have to heal alone. I understand how painful and isolating vaginal issues can be. No one should have to battle for their lives by themselves. This group is here to help you through this. Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing Our Facebook group originally began as an offshoot group of Vulva Warriors on Facebook. The original group consisted of women dedicated to healing their vaginas holistically. Eventually, those who used Medical Medium information to heal themselves dominated the grou


Here is another post to help you begin MM BASICS: START HERE HOW TO BEGIN - FOUNDATIONAL MM STEPS If you are new to Medical Medium information and you just found my blog, this post contains specific steps that I (your resident MM nerd) would recommend doing first. All of this is based on information published by Anthony William, Medical Medium and years of personal healing experience from my own life and others. Step 1 Go to your refrigerator and take out the eggs. Then walk to the trash and toss them in. Step 2 - MORNING ROUTINE I started healing by redesigning my morning routine. Why? It's important to start the morning strong because your liver starts it's cleansing process during the night and it needs to "take out the trash" in the morning. The recommendations below can help her do that. I also like focusing on the morning cause if I "fall off the bandwagon" and eat a horrible NO food in the afternoon, I can still reflect on the day and feel accomplishe