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Here is another post to help you begin MM BASICS: START HERE HOW TO BEGIN - FOUNDATIONAL MM STEPS If you are new to Medical Medium information and you just found my blog, this post contains specific steps that I (your resident MM nerd) would recommend doing first. All of this is based on information published by Anthony William, Medical Medium and years of personal healing experience from my own life and others. Step 1 Go to your refrigerator and take out the eggs. Then walk to the trash and toss them in. Step 2 - MORNING ROUTINE I started healing by redesigning my morning routine. Why? It's important to start the morning strong because your liver starts it's cleansing process during the night and it needs to "take out the trash" in the morning. The recommendations below can help her do that. I also like focusing on the morning cause if I "fall off the bandwagon" and eat a horrible NO food in the afternoon, I can still reflect on the day and feel accomplishe