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Staying Satiated During a 369 Cleanse

I’m currently nursing my daughter who is 2 years old. If she wants to nurse but I'm hungry then she doesn’t get milk and then gets cranky, then I’m cranky because she’s cranky. This is important cause if you go hungry, your adrenals have to kick in. Your adrenals are already busy helping your liver flush out toxins so you want to support them as much as you can. (See Liver Cleanse book, chapter on adrenals) This is how I do a cleanse while keeping myself and my daughter satiated. By the way, I totally got this wrong during my first 369 cleanse. I think most of my “detox reactions” during my first round were just hunger. This information is also in our group's document.


Try to alter your thinking a little. If you are eating to just stay satiated, you’re missing a bit part of this cleanse. Read about apples. They “expel putrefied, impacted protein and debris that have been hiding in intestine pockets.” (Life Changing Foods book) Basically, apples remove impacted shit that has been rotting in your intestines. Think on that for a second. So gross. 

The whole goal of this cleanse is to use fruits/veggies/herbs as MEDICINE rather than a garnish. Basically, try to eat more of a specific food than you normally did prior to this. I found that I would naturally do this once I learned about their specific healing properties in the Life Changing Foods book. I like to read about the foods I'm eating in LCF while I'm eating them. It really helps!


Be aware of timing. Mornings are crazy at my house. I'm trying to pack the bags, cook, wrangle my children (and I'll be honest my husband too) and get everyone out the door. If I stop paying attention to the clock... I'll look up and realize that I have been awake for 2-3 hours and only got down my lemon water and celery juice. Again, these are not caloric drinks which means I'm most likely running on adrenaline. Damn. So don't let the time run away from you! A good rule that helps me stay on track is to make the next step while I am consuming the previous step. For example, while I drink my lemon water I should be making my CJ. While I am drinking my CJ, I should be making my melon slushy or heavy metal detox smoothie. Even if the smoothie has to sit on the counter for 15 minutes (you should wait at least 15 - 30 minutes after drinking CJ to consume anything else) at least it will be ready to go when my hunger hits.


Add multiple courses to your meal. For example, breakfast could be a bowl of melon, oatmeal or apple/banana oatmeal, then heavy metal detox smoothie. (AW recommends this later in the chapter) For lunch, you could have a salad, followed by a heavy veggie (potato, sweet potato, squash, etc) plus a dessert, like a banana smoothie. Sometimes it takes me 45 minutes to eat a meal (I’ll sit down to eat a salad and sweet potato. Then 20 minutes later I’ll drink the smoothie. In your mind, just label it dessert) Basically, adding a dessert course to every meal should help. Important Note: You can really only do this with the Simplified cleanse. The other cleanses (Original and Advanced Cleanses, MM advises to stick with the recommended meal plan)

THIS IS WEIRD On my first round, I was really hungry the first few days. Then 3-4 days later I noticed that less food satiated me. I’m guessing it has something to do with healing the liver so it can store more glucose or healing the gut so it can absorb more nutrients. That's just my guess. Wild.


I can barely get down one apple but if I make applesauce using 3-4 apples, I can eat it within a 30 minute period while cleaning my kitchen without thinking. I found that if I actually enjoyed what I was eating, I would eat more of it. Analyze how you best eat larger quantities of foods and use that to your advantage. I do the same with bananas. I will eat one banana and stop but if I make a banana smoothie, it contains almost 5 bananas and I won’t even notice how much I’m consuming. So weird. If you are having a difficult time finding new recipes, here is a list of my favorite cleanse recipes. My Favorite 369 Simplified Cleanse Recipes (

DON'T FORGET TO DRINK! You should be drinking one lemon water upon waking and another lemon water before bed plus tea. Then you should be drinking 4 cups of water during the day, ideally with some lemon juice in each glass (it revitalizes the water).

ALWAYS INCLUDE A HEAVY FRUIT OR VEGGIE In every big meal I ALWAYS include at least one of the following: bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, mango, etc. This makes a big difference.

GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE Your next round of this cleanse (yes, your body might need multiple rounds) will be better and probably easier than this current cleanse. (Speaking from experience here) It’s a process to learn how to do this. That’s ok. Let me repeat, THAT’S OK. My first cleanse, I ran out of time for the nightly LW and tea cause I wasn’t watching the clock, pretty much every night. I still healed, the itching still stopped even though my cleanse wasn’t perfect. So if you need a banana in the middle of the night to increase your breast milk so your baby can go back to sleep (Dear Lord…. Have the banana!) You’re not cheating on a donut or french fries. Do the best you can, it’s a learning process.

When AW talks about "breaking a cleanse" he always refers to a NO food or high fat food.... egg/cheese sandwich, peanut butter, gluten, etc. Just FYI... when you actually break a cleanse, nothing bad will happen. If you break a cleanse, be proud of yourself that you have made it this far! You're healthier for those few days. But yes, you will need to start over on day 1. I recommend reading page 220 in Cleanse To Heal book.


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