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Need help? Personal Coaching Information

My name is Sarah and I first started this blog just to post the stuff that helped me. I had unprovoked and provoked vuvlodynia for 15 years even through pregnancy. I also struggled with chronic UTIs, yeast infections, lichen sclerosis (probably), rawness, microcuts, weird rashes, miscarriage, ugh. I followed Anthony William protocols to heal everything above. First, I healed without an MM coach. When I healed I didn't know about any of these amazing women. MM had not even published his first book yet. If given the chance... I would have totally hired a coach for a period of time. I would have made things easier. The other admins in our FB vulva group found the MM coaches below extremely helpful.  IMPORTANT POINT: I/we are not here to sell you anything. There are no affiliate links on this website. I do NOT make any money from this website. Yes, the coaches below earn their income by coaching but I don't think most of them even know they are listed on this website. They are on t