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Fighting Vulvodynia & Flu Viruses

When my son was around 1 we both kept getting sick. We would get the flu every 4 weeks and each time it would last 7 days. This went on for a year. It was so frightening to hold my baby son while he burned with a 102 fever. Of course doctors couldn’t help. A family member recommended Anthony William. I started incorporating some of his protocols and honestly the chronic flu pattern just stopped. Abruptly. I was nursing at the time and I just stopped getting sick. I’m assuming that finally my body was able to give my son antibodies and in turn, my son stopped getting sick. This was actually my first experience with Anthony William information. Normally, I talk a lot about vaginas but for me this was my first experience with AW information. He recently published a virus protection PDF, so I wanted to share it. It’s free and it’s freakin gold. Also, you’ll notice that the same measures he recommends to fight flu viruses are similar to the protocols he recommend to fight chronic vagi