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Medical Medium Basics

Here is another post to help you begin  HOW TO BEGIN: STEP BY STEP I AM HEALED  I’m glad you found my blog but I am so sorry you have been searching for this information. I’m guessing you have probably been through hell by now and I feel you. My personal pain was severe burning inside the vagina and outside the vagina. Mine was provoked at times and unprovoked at other times. It would mostly come in flares although internally it was always just too hot. When I did flare, it felt like a chemical burn which mostly ranged from 6-9 on the pain meter. It was diagnosed by western doctors as Vulvodynia. I’ve seen 20+ conventional doctors and specialists over the years and countless alternative ones. I struggled with this for almost 15 years and I now consider myself completely cured. As a group we should start specifying the pain type because vulvodynia is just not an accurate term for all the different types of issues out there. I also at times had yeast infections, lichen sclerosis,