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How to Work With Your Doctors Without Going Crazy

During my battle with vulvodynia I saw at least 25 different doctors and more than 25 alternative doctors. Many people assume that I’m against conventional doctors, I am not. Now that I am older and more experienced I learned to use the strengths of conventional medicine and alternative medicine to help me. I also learned how to navigate doctors without making myself crazy. I learned how to recognize a doctor who is harming me more than helping and how to stand up and walk out, even if that's in the middle of the appointment. Yep. Unfortunately, by the time I mastered most of these lessons, my V battle was over. I'm hoping that this post will help those still in the trenches. To clarify, conventional medicine helped me rule out life-threatening ailments which was very very important but they did not help me heal from vulvoydynia.   If you have found this blog, I assume that you have seen at least 7+ doctors and specialists . If you have not seen at least 7 doctors yet, re

Essential: Changing Your Water Source

Why is water so important when healing a vagina?  In my experience water is key, especially for those who are healing their vaginas/urethras. I'm guessing that the reason WATER QUALITY is so important for our group is because the urethra, vagina and butt hole are all main detox paths. Meaning that to heal these areas we need to remove the pathogens and toxins within our bodies which are causing our problems yet for these toxins and virus corpses to exit our bodies, they literally need to PASS THROUGH the areas that are ALREADY inflamed. Deep breaths. Since water naturally flushes toxins and debris out of us, it needs to be of good quality. Hope that makes sense. (MM has not stated this... I'm pulling this from my own experience and helping others heal) MEDICAL MEDIUM WATER OPTIONS SUMMARY This section summarizes MM's recommendations regarding water along with source location of his recommendation. For the water show link and a detailed section of these recommendations,