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What the hell do I eat then?

LEARN TO LOVE THE FOOD THAT LOVES YOU I stole the title above directly from Anthony William and this will be the hardest lesson to learn. The more you eat fruits and veggies, the faster you will heal. Once you learn to cook a few good recipes and detox from your old foods, you’ll start craving the foods that love you. I’m say this out of experience. As a child I ate mostly spaghetti o’s and macaroni cheese from a box. In my twenties, I craved chocolate like an addict and would hide it from my friends because they would take it away from me knowing how much pain it caused my vagina. If I (mostly) detoxed from my old foods and now wake up carving a green bowl in the morning, so can you! Cravings Anthony William mentions in his most recent book that you will start to experience extreme cravings from your old bad food when you start cleaning up you diet. The reason is that your body is releasing toxins from that particular food so you will crave it intensely until those toxi

If You Are In Pain

HEALING VAGINAL PAIN  My personal pain was severe burning inside the vagina and outside the vagina. It felt like a chemical burn which mostly ranged from 6-9 on the pain meter. It was diagnosed by western doctors as Vulvodynia. I struggled with this for almost 15 years and I now consider myself completely cured. As a group we should start specifying the pain type because vulvodynia is just not an accurate term for all the different types of issues out there. I've met ladies who had muscular pain which was completely different than my experience. I also at times had yeast infections, lichen sclerosis, random itching, bacteria vaginosis, UTIs, basically everything. Sigh.  Here are some other great posts to help you begin HOW TO BEGIN: STEP BY STEP MEDICAL MEDIUM BASICS SHINGLES OR STREP/EBV OR JUST EBV I will explain more about Anthony William the Medical Medium in another blog post.  According to him, 90% of those with pelvic inflammation probably have an undetectable form of