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Success Stories... It's not just me

When I was drowning in pain my mind struggled to find hope. I didn't know anyone else who suffered this way. I didn't know of anyone else who was healed. If you're deep in pain and your suffering is the only thing you can see, anchor your hope in these stories. Let these stories of hope give you the strength to try again. Don't give up ladies! The women below and myself followed the protocols taught by Anthony William to heal. Yes these stories are real. I have spoken to each one of them and asked if they could share their story. Many of them are written by the women themselves.  If you have a healing story of your own that you would like to share, please email Me (Sarah) from California & Ireland                My own healing story is on post 3 and 9. I was also interviewed for Quest for Healing Podcast where I tell my healing story. There is a link to that interview on post 3. Rena from United States (New York)   - Rena has been a member of