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Rinsing is Essential

  I've learned a lot while coaching other women who are fighting V. Honestly when I first starting coaching I didn't understand the full picture of my healing. There were certain things that I just did without thinking that made a big difference in my healing. I really didn't understand their full impact till I talked to others who were still in their battle. One of these things was rinsing. Almost 20 years ago when I struggled with chronic UTI's an acupuncturist recommended rinsing. I've been rinsing ever since. Basically, after you go to the bathroom (pee or poop) you rinse your lady parts with water. He explained that it contracts your urethra and pushes any sort of bacteria out. For me, it was a game-changer. SETTING EXPECTATIONS: So rinsing isn't going to take away pain, at least it didn't for me. But it did help stop the cycle of chronic UTIs and when the outside of my vagina was hot and raw, it helped me feel refreshed afte

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers I have been a coach on the Vulva Warrior Facebook Group since 2018. During that time I have answered so many questions from members of our group that I thought a compilation of my responses would make a good post. Again, I healed following Anthony William’s material after seeing 25 doctors and more than 25 alternative practitioners. I’ll be adding to this post periodically. Keep fighting ladies!  If there is a question you would like to ask me please post a comment below or join our community on Facebook. We have started a new Facebook group designed for women who are following Anthony William protocols to heal, "Vulva Warriors MM 369 Cleanse." I would also like to thank all the women that I have worked with and their belief in my experience. I am NOT a doctor or a practitioner or even a properly trained coach but just someone who has been in the trenches and survived and then thrived. Thank you for believing in my story of healing and your tr