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My Favorite Cleanse Recipes: Before Breakfast


Lemon Water, 16 ounces
Lemon Water  

"Should I drink lemon water before or after celery juice?
You can drink it either before or after celery juice. If drinking lemon water first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking celery juice. If drinking celery juice first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking lemon water."

"Can I add raw honey, ginger or other ingredients to my lemon water?
Yes, for an extra boost, you can add one teaspoon each raw honey and freshly grated ginger to the lemon water. Your liver will draw in the raw honey to restore its glucose reserves, purging deep toxins at the same time. Just be sure to buy raw versus heated honey so you get all of this medicinal food’s healing properties."

If you find that lemon water irritates your urethra, then drink ginger water instead. The lemon in the water is healing you but sometimes in can to it too abrasively. You'll eventually be able to graduate to lemon water but you can use other more gentle methods to heal your urethra.

IMPORTANT: I personally found that I could not make any headway with these measures till I changed my water to a very clean water source. Please read Essential: Changing Your Water Source (

Celery Juice (Foundational)_____________________
If you are just beginning start with 8 ounces and over time build to 16 then build to 24. I found that the faster I increased my CJ, the faster I healed. But go slow, you need to be gentle with your body. If you are having a hard time reducing your pain, try adding another CJ before bed.

Why is CJ necessary? 
Celery Juice (

How to make CJ: 
Celery Juice 101 | Medical Medium 101

Melon Slushie
Melon is particularly healing for those with vaginal issues because women with vaginal issues tend to have toxic blood. The toxic blood causes skin to become dysfunctional (microcuts, rashes, swelling, itching, ect.) Read this post Is Your Blood Toxic? ( Melon binds onto poisons in your body and flushes them out. It thins the blood. So during a cleanse I make sure to eat an entire small melon each morning. Now if I was going to sit down and eat a small melon I probably couldn't eat more than 5 slices. But if I blended it and drank it while working on this blog, I can drink an entire melon without really thinking about it. This is the reason I added the empty glass behind my melon slushie just to give you an example of what a normal glass would look like in comparison. 

I have found that to use food as medicine try to eat more of it than a normal person would eat a few times a day for a period of time. That's when we really started to see a difference when reducing women's pain. See post 16.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: I like watermelon but watermelon juice sometimes gives me chest tightness. My hypothesis is that it kills things off too effectively and the virus corpses inflame my vagus nerve which is responsible for chest tightness according to MM. I notice if I add ginger, thyme tea or CJ after the juice one of those calms it down (all heal chest tightness). If that freaks you out the safer route is to make juice out of another type of melon.


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