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Healing with Tea Concoctions

  I've been able to heal a lot with tea. When I was fighting chronic pain, I was drinking tea concoctions 3+ times a day. Naturally. My body just liked them. I would make a big batch the night before and just drink it as my day went on. They helped to relieve my vaginal burning, UTIs, yeast infections, vaginal rawness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, acne and eczema, fertility and random brain shocks to the head. Yeah. So much.  Example: I knew I was fighting shingles, vaginally and in my head. Throughout my life I would get seizure type shocks through my head, probably once every few months. My entire life. They were frightening. I would be immobile for a few seconds. Yeah. Then for some time I started to get them every hour. I figured out that if I drank licorice root every two hours, they stopped. Licorice is great for shingles, this is a symptom of shingles in your head. So I drank licorice root for 2-3 weeks every few hours and I don't get them anymore now. This