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What to Expect While Healing: Detox Process, Self-Compassion, Staying Sane, Healing Flares

When I first started healing I was expecting the pain to decrease on a downward slope. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It was like riding a roller coaster BUILT on a downward slope. At times, certain green juices (hello... celery/cucumber/cilantro) would reduce my vaginal burning from a level ten to zero in 25 minutes but at other times it took me days or months or longer to get certain vaginal ailments to heal. Then when I thought I was done healing my vagina, BAM my vagina would burn horribly once again. In my experience, I don’t think many of my flares (post finding MM) were from the detox culprits listed in section 4 below. At the time, I could connect most of these flares to the shit food I was eating here and there. At the time, my mornings were pretty MM flawless (LW, CJ, HMDS, etc) but I really struggled how to feed myself later in day. Please don’t take this approach if you can avoid it! The cleaner you eat, the faster you will heal! Even though some of my healing journey