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Targeting Symptoms: Personalizing Your Protocol

Being in pain can be a bit confusing and making sense of Medical Medium information can be a bit overwhelming. I get it. In this post I discuss how to personalize your protocol to fit your pain type, how I figure out the right things for my specific ailment and how to incorporate those into a daily menu. I also discuss what to do when your pain changes and how to pivot.  First, a note about my qualifications… I don’t have any. I have a BA in Theology and it definitely did not help me heal my vagina. Please remember that I’m not a doctor or a practitioner or a properly trained coach. Yes, I know Medical Medium stuff pretty well. I healed myself and now I help women start their healing journey. My job is more like those people who stand on street corners holding large signs while dancing to music on their earphones. I would be on the corner of the street holding a large sign of a vagina and yelling at women in passing cars, “Does your vagina burn! If so, turn right right. Don’t turn left