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Our Favorite Healing Concoctions, Juices & Smoothies

This recipe is similar to Anthony William's Turmeric Ginger Shots which he recommends for many things. The only problem is that it's super time consuming to make because you have to juice the ingredients. Personally, I found that I needed a faster and easier way to get garlic down me throughout the day which made a huge difference when healing SIBO and vaginal issues. AW argues that many vaginal issues are actually caused by strep in the lower intestine. Salsa made with lots of garlic also works but I got bored of it quickly.

Honestly this concoction should NOT taste good but it DOES and I'm not quit sure why. It's such a strange combination but I'm lovin it! 

This recipe is designed for you to make a batch of it in the morning then leave it on your counter or refrigerator. I personally found that I could knock down symptoms significantly by taking a spoonful of this concoction every two hours while awake. Make sure to put an alarm on your phone. 

2T Honey
1T Garlic - minced
1t Ginger - grated using a parmesan grater
1/2t Lime or lemon juice

As with everything... start by taking a low dose (one or two spoonfuls a few times a day) then increase frequency depending how your body responds.

WARNING: Garlic is strong. AW recommends that pregnant women should AVOID it strong doses of it. Don't underestimate it. I had been taking this for awhile, then once it made me super nauseous. My guess is that it found a pock of strep to kill in my intestine. So instead of avoiding it, I microdosed instead. Instead of taking one large spoonful, I took itsy bitsy spoonfuls more often for a few days and that did the trick to reduce my symptoms.

Garlic does SO many things please read about it in Life Changing Foods. It kills unproductive bacteria in the intestinal tract which is super important for someone dealing with vaginal issues. It heals vaginal strep, acne, yeast infections, UTIs, bladder infections, kidney infections, edema, adrenal fatigue (which causes vaginal dryness and low libido), eczema (which can also be present on the outside of the vagina and cause rash/itching), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), SIBO, swelling, tingles, numbness, nerve pain, spasms, twitches, Candida overgrowth.

Ginger heals many things but here are the highlights: adrenal fatigue (which causes vaginal dryness and low libido), spastic bladder, SIBO, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), eczema (which can also be present on the outside of the vagina and cause rash/itching), HPV, shingles, EBV, anxiety, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, muscle tightness, bloating, pelvic pain, urinary frequency, incontinence, urinary retention, weight gain, abnormal Pap smear results.

Honey heals many things but here are the highlights: SIBO, low reproductive system battery, adrenal fatigue (which causes vaginal dryness and low libido), thrush, tingles, numbness, spasms, nerve pain, twitches, dry skin, loss of libido. 

2 cups of frozen cherries (or less if you aren’t used to cherries - they are a laxative)
2 bananas (or more)
1-¼ c. coconut water (or filtered water)

1 medium sized steamed sweet potato (I keep steamed in fridge), purple is fun!
2 bananas (or more)
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (check it is just pure spices) or cinnamon
1-1/4 c. coconut water (or filtered water)

Janaki’s Green Smoothie - 32 oz:
3 giant handfuls spinach
2 bananas (or more)
Small handful passionfruit or mango (frozen at WF) - tangy helps with flavor!
Handful of homegrown sprouts
1-¼ c. coconut water (or filtered water or OJ)

1 celery bunch
1 cucumber
1 bunch of cilantro or flat leaf parsley
Coconut water (increases the potency, especially parsley's ability to remove toxins)
little lemon juice
*Blend, then strain. You can make it even stronger by adding some spirulina after you strain it.

This drink is my 'go to' drink when I used to experience vaginal or vulva burning sensations. See post 5 for the whole story on this drink.

1 celery bunch
1 entire bunch of asparagus
Add a little lemon juice
*Blend then strain. It tastes just as it sounds. Sorry. Asparagus heals 'lack of motivation' per Life Changing Foods book. It really does work.

*Best for physical flares and emotional inflammation
4 oranges
4-5 roots of tumeric
*Blend then strain. If you use a nut bag then your hands will turn orange. I like to use a mesh colander over a bowl and press it down with a flat spatula or something.

1 small melon or 1/2 large melon (not watermelon)
1/2-1 cup of frozen melon or pineapple
lime juice
*Blend everything together. I like to drink this after my celery juice in the morning. If you pooped after CJ then don't be surprised if you poop again after this drink. It's delicious. If you drink it 15 minutes after CJ then it also supports the adrenals cause it's an adrenal snack (CJ, melon, lime).

Melon is particularly healing for those with vaginal issues because women with vaginal issues tend to have toxic blood. The toxic blood causes skin to become dysfunctional (microcuts, rashes, swelling, itching, ect.) Read this post Is Your Blood Toxic? ( Melon binds onto poisons in your body and flushes them out. It thins the blood. So during a cleanse I make sure to eat an entire small melon each morning. Now if I was going to sit down and eat a small melon I probably couldn't eat more than 5 slices. But if I blended it and drank it while working on this blog, I can drink an entire melon without really thinking about it. This is the reason I added the empty glass behind my melon slushie just to give you an example of what a normal glass would look like in comparison. 

I have found that to use food as medicine try to eat more of it than a normal person would eat a few times a day for a period of time. That's when we really started to see a difference when reducing women's pain. See post 16.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: I like watermelon but watermelon juice sometimes gives me chest tightness. My hypothesis is that it kills things off too effectively and the virus corpses inflame my vagus nerve which is responsible for chest tightness according to MM. I notice if I add ginger, thyme tea or CJ after the juice one of those calms it down (all heal chest tightness). Honey and minced garlic also work. If that freaks you out then the safer route is to make juice out of another type of melon.

I like to make this one with lemon and honey. Kinda tastes like a slimy virgin margarita. Per the post below it is stronger in just water.

MM mentions this drink on page 111 in Life Changing Foods book. He literally calls it "the ultimate in gut-health repair, drink a tonic of papaya blended with celery juice. To use papaya medicinally, consume 1/2 of a large maradol papaya per day. The other types of papaya have been contaminated with GMOs. Since most vaginal ailments are caused or effected by your gut health then this might be the ideal drink. Papaya also heals burning sensations. 

One of our favorites! My daughter likes it made with fresh OJ too.

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