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If You Are In Pain


My personal pain was severe burning inside the vagina and outside the vagina. It felt like a chemical burn which mostly ranged from 6-9 on the pain meter. It was diagnosed by western doctors as Vulvodynia. I struggled with this for almost 15 years and I now consider myself completely cured. As a group we should start specifying the pain type because vulvodynia is just not an accurate term for all the different types of issues out there. I've met ladies who had muscular pain which was completely different than my experience. I also at times had yeast infections, lichen sclerosis, random itching, bacteria vaginosis, UTIs, basically everything. Sigh. 

I will explain more about Anthony William the Medical Medium in another blog post.  According to him, 90% of those with pelvic inflammation probably have an undetectable form of strep. The strep bacteria lives in the slime that EBV creates. A small percentage can be suffering from "Vaginal Area Shingles" which causes a rash near the vagina which is more painful than most rashes found in that area. The "Vaginal Shingles" can also inflame the inside of the vagina and is also incredibly painful but there can also be no rash present. All these strands are currently undetectable by western medicine and most alternative doctors. AW has an entire chapter on shingles in his first book. Another option is that EBV (by itself) could potentially cause muscle pain, painful tender points, tingles, numbness and EBV keeps these areas flamed up. So if your pain fits this description, you're probably just dealing with EBV. Source: Medical Medium by Anthony William and his post about strep below

You can be healed from all of this. I was. Deep breath.

I found that I had multiple triggers.Sometimes my pain was cause by the virus and sometimes it was caused by metals that aggravated the virus.

For example, towards the end of my V battle I knew that usually Cat's Claw or Licorice Root or Nettleleaf or Zinc would alleviate a burning episode. One time they didn't touch it. At this point I was only struggling with pain that was barely above 2-3 pain levels but it gave the chance to start figuring out my triggers and why I was healing. When those didn't work, I made my green drink and that alleviated the pain. Then I realized I had just eaten mexican food (total cheat, I know!) 30 minutes prior. This was also strange because it did not cause a flare up before. But they I realized it was take out and they had covered my food in aluminum foil. My green drink (cilantro, spirulina, barley) are very strong metal detoxers... so it was the aluminum! Turns out that was one of my triggers which I didn't realize for years! Oh my.

Another example, 95% of the time my green drink, Cat's Claw, Licorice Root, Nettleaf or Zinc would alleviate the burning within 25 minutes. But one time they didn't touch it. Again, the pain was only at level 1 or 2 at this point since I started figuring all this out. So I tried Lobelia which is a tincture that AW says kills shingles on contact and that totally worked! I took it internally and rubbed it on the burning areas. So maybe I had both shingles and strep. Oh my.
If you are currently in pain you can try a few things for relief. The following things worked for me at different times. The green drink worked the best almost every time. Now that I'm coaching women, I'm learning not everyone responds this quickly. Sometimes it takes time for your body to detox from the foods that feed the virus for the pain to subside and for these measures to make a difference. For example, it takes a week for your body to detox wheat. Ugh.

Also, removing the pain is not a cure. It just means you are going in the right direction. V has a tendency to flare up when you're stressed so you need to kill those viruses living deep in your organs so it doesn't flare up during a crazy time in your life ie.... when you're pregnant or stressed or eat really bad for 3 days. So, really the quickest way is to start the protocol. But for now, these are worth a shot.

Before you begin, you should have a basic understanding of detox. Basically, these viruses and toxins are causing your pain. To alleviate the pain you must kill the viruses and remove the toxins. When you start incorporating these protocols your body will start to kill these viruses which produces virus corpses. Unfortunately, these corpses have to be filtered back through your liver so your liver can tag these corpses to disarm them. If your liver is exceptionally struggling this she might not be able to process the corpses correctly. So, you don't want to flood your system with virus corpses because your liver might not be able to handle the load.
 If your pain does increase, it means you are pushing your liver too fast. (Honestly, this doesn't happen with most women with V, a very low percentage experience this AND only if they rush things) If you started with celery juice, then drink 4 ounces of celery juice. If that's too much, then celery cilantro papaya. Celery (by herself) is the queen of green juices and will ultimately heal you. But for those whose liver is really sick, you'll need the other green juices as a stepping stone to reach the level of plain celery juice detox.
Also, to help your liver detox the best thing to do is remove all fat from the diet until lunch. (Your liver is responsible for processing fat and is always burdened by the task) Your liver lobules who are responsible for detox inside your liver, need glucose to function. When coaching, I always recommend putting an alarm on your phone for 1hr 45min and make sure you are eating enough glucose and/or adrenal snacks to fuel your lobules so they can do their job. 
Start slow, notice how your body is processing the change. I always recommend going slowly so you can monitor the pain. Your goal is to kill the viruses off and experience just a gradual slow reduction of pain. I have noticed that those who focus on changing their foods rather than adding lots of supplements, tend to experience a slow decrease in pain. Foods are more gentle. Honestly the best way to avoid detox pain is to follow the 369 Cleanse from the Cleanse to Heal book. Start with the simplified cleanse. Before doing this though, I would ramp up slowly. Try removing some of the NO foods, add celery juice, CHANGE YOUR WATER first before you start the cleanse! 

1. GREEN DRINK -  When I was pregnant with my son (long before I found Anthony William information) my vagina burned like torture. The doctors and specialists didn't know if my son could survive such pain (I had seen 25 conventional doctors by this point and countless alternative ones). I stood in front of the grocery store completely defeated and in agony. I lifted my head and cried out to God to save the life of my child and myself. I walked into the grocery store and saw my hands grab celery, cilantro, cucumber, lemon. That drink would always, always relieve a vaginal flare in 25 minutes for me. Honestly, it's why I knew Anthony William was right. No one could explain why it would take away the pain. AW had pages about each of these ingredients and explained exactly what they did. (Although it didn't stop the pain from reoccurring, I had to change my diet to stop the pattern of pain returning)

I was hoping when I started this work that this green concoction would give them same relief to other women suffering from vaginal pain. For some women it did work this quickly but for most it took more time to decrease their pain. Either way, I consider green drinks to be the foundation of healing. Now that I have been drinking plain celery juice for 5 years. I'm sure it's the reason I live pain free now. When I was in pain, celery juice ALONE did not relieve a flare. The juice concoctions below relieved pain but for other women celery juice did relieve their pain. You'll just have to test it out.

Try the green juices below. This is a lot about just trial and error. If they relieve the pain then keep going. But always understand that celery juice is the QUEEEN of green drinks. So if none of these concoctions relieve pain then just stick with celery juice. Always start with 4 ounces and build up to 16. You can even build up to 24 or drink a celery juice morning and night. If you do this too fast, you might kill off too many viruses at once forcing your liver (who is already sick) to process them too quickly. So please be gentle with yourself. Just FYI... I only experienced pain relief with all these things but I have talked to a few women who drank too much, too fast and experienced strange detox reactions. Be gentle. Also, no fat till noon helps the detox. Fat is really hard on the liver.

This is really about trial and error. I found with my last short battle in 2018 (while pregnant and living in toxic smoke) my original green drink (option B) worked but the pain would come back in a few hours. (I explain how I beat that flare here) So I added other ingredients that AW said would relieve burning (option A). You'll need to experiment with your own body. Once the pain subsides a little, this will help you figure out what is really going on and why it might be working. That knowledge will lead you to other things to incorporate that will move you forward faster.

*Important Note: If you start green juices, please don't abruptly stop. I had been drinking it for 6 months, then got lazy and stopped. I got a horrible rash all over my neck for a week before I realized what was going on. I couldn’t sleep, it was horrible. I went back on celery juice and the rash was gone in 24 hours. CJ is a very serious cleanse so please be mindful. My guess is that the CJ released the toxins from my liver but it needed the daily dose of CJ to get everything safely out of my body. I had no idea I was so sick at the time. For me, drinking celery was such a gentle process I had no idea that it was making a difference. My symptoms just slowly started disappearing. I would have to think... oh yeah, I used to get cold all the time or have acne or UTIs or yeast infections or anxiety. It's hard to reflect on your healing process when things slowly disappear. I honestly forgot I was healing. (Just FYI... I stopped CJ for a week when I moved to Ireland recently and it wasn't a big deal but my body craved it really bad, so I started again and my energy was much better)

A) Celery Juice - If none of the concoctions work below, then just stay with plain celery juice. It's the strongest and best healer anyway.

B) 1 whole celery bunch
1/4 of a maradol papaya (the large one)
Optional: Spirulina (this one)

1 whole celery bunch (required)
Cilantro (big handful - required)
Flat Leaf Parsley (big handful - optional)
Cucumber (optional)

D) Melon and Flat Leaf Parsley

E) Additions

Optional but these will really help (add after nutbag): Zinc (5-10 drops), Barley Juice Grass, Spirulina, lemon juice (irritates some, so just start with a little)

Blend all the ingredients above. Then squeeze through a nutbag. Add 5 drops of zinc or 1t or Spirulina or BJG. (Use only the zinc and spirulina recommended in the link below, I’ll explain later) Your system is currently weak and juicing this will help you absorb the nutrients/medicine without having your body work for it. My original recipe worked without the optional items but I found that they made it stronger.

What brands: 

F) Aloe Vera Water 2x a day  
I would drink this a few times a day plus the green drinks above. Once, when the V virus' home base was in my intestines, the aloe vera water saved me. Turns out I was a bit constipated around that time and the ammonia gas was reigniting the V pain. Read more about ammonia gas here.

2. 369 Cleanse - Simplified Cleanse is My Favorite
If you are reading this and would like to “jump in” I would recommend reading the Cleanse to Heal book by Anthony William. Going forward, I will be recommending the 369 Simplified Cleanse plus incorporating the foods that heal your specific pain type. If you don’t know how to find these foods and herbs you can look them up in post 3 or in the book titled Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. (I love having it on my phone) You will also need to change your water source if you want it to work, see post 14. I’ll be writing a post about this shorly and updating a bunch of my previous posts incorporating the 369 Simplified Cleanse. Basically, I’ve learned that those of us who have healed went through a strict “cleanse” stage. For some of us, it took time to heal but for others it was a relatively short period. Now that Anthony William has written about cleanses in depth, I’m hoping we can use his cleanse protocols more efficiently to shorten women’s battles. 

Also, please follow your own intuition and body! The recommendations above were from my own experience so use them as a guide rather than a prescription! For example, Anthony William warns that for some people lemon juice brings on more pain for those fighting urethra burning. My vagina loved lemon juice and probably wouldn't have healed without it. Lemon juice is very detoxing for the liver and can make the detox too intense for some people especially those with injured livers. So if it is bothering you or bringing on more pain, limit or eliminate the lemon juice until your body can handle that level of detox without the discomfort. Remember, we are trying to not only heal your body but save your sanity as well. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Please.

These teas helped relieve the pain the most:
  • Nettle Leaf (Try this one first, preferably the tincture. The feedback I've received from women battling V have continued to praise nettle leaf for reducing their pain.)
  • Licorice Root
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Cat's Claw (don't take if you are pregnant)
  • Chaga
*You can buy these in tea or tinctures. Only buy the ones he recommends. No one gets paid for these recommendations, just FYI. The market is just full of crap products. Sigh.

Drink 2-3 glasses a day or even more, 10 drops each time. Don't use any other zinc then the ones he recommends.

Dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, canola oil, natural flavorings (they tricked you, it’s MSG), aluminum (any food that has contact with this metal)
Please read the following posts: 
Your liver is sick. Everyone with V has a sick liver. These viruses like to live in the liver and consume toxins because that's where the toxins are located. The fastest way to heal the liver is to reduce the fat you are consuming. This is difficult though, I understand. The easiest way to do this is to not eat any fat till noon. What does that look like? Upon arising, celery juice. 20 minutes later heavy metal detox smoothie (if you don't like dulse... just shoot it later with orange juice) or just a smoothie with lots of bananas and dates. If you're still hungry baked sweet potato. For snack, the fruit your body likes most that week. Done. By this time it's noon and you can consume some fat like nuts, avocado, salad dressing, etc along with your lunch. While healing I would only eat meat once a day in the evening or none at all.

I have designed a page to help guide you through Anthony William’s information about his published advice pertaining to vulvodynia or PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) or other related symptoms. This page should help you figure out what shows and posts and books to read first. This should not be used a replacement for learning directly from the information he has published. As of June 2018, he has not done a radio show on this vulvodynia or PID but don’t worry, I was able to piece it together and heal from the information he has published. I’ve been pain free for 2 years now.

The protocol to kill these viruses and heal from the damage they have done to your body requires a four-pronged strategy.
  • Starve the viruses - remove all foods from your diet that feed the viruses (see #5 above)
  • Strengthen your body and kill the viruses with certain foods 
  • Strengthen your body and kill the viruses with herbs and supplements
  • Immersion - for a time you will really need to immerse yourself in this information. Listen to Anthony William radio shows, read the posts, books, etc. You need to fully understand what’s going on in your body. If you don’t know what’s really going on in your body, then you will never have the self discipline to put down the donut ;) The other part is you need to start believing you will heal. Listen to success stories. Listen to his radio shows and try to feel how your body resonates with the information. The stronger you believe you can heal, the more determined you will be stay on the protocol. 
Now, that I have been coaching women for a little bit I have more experience to pull from. If you are missing one of these key areas, it will take longer than it should to heal.

When talking to other warrior women who are fighting V I first try to help them figure out if they are fighting strep/EBV, shingles or EBV. This helps us decide what herbs to use. According to AW, strep is responsible for 90% pelvic inflammation in women. I found that the easiest way to tell if a person strep, shingles, EBV symptoms is if they have other symptoms related to these viruses. Remember, that if you have strep you automatically have EBV.

Other strep symptoms: sinus, UTI, otitis media, instestinal disorders, SIBO, sore throats, strep throat, cystic acne, styes, chronic ear infections, buzzing, ringing in ears, bacterial vaginosis, IBS.

Other shingles symptoms: severe severe burning, rash that often gets diagnosed as herpes 2, lichen sclerosis, colitis, moving itch under the skin, diabetic neuropathy, TMJ, frozen shoulder, entire body feels on fire

Other EBV symptoms: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, lupus, Lyme disease, tinnitus, vertigo, mono, chronic fatigue, hepatitis C, bloating, constipation, lupus, thyroid issues, burning skin.

I had both actually. The reason I know this is because when I did the strep protocol, it took away one type of burning. When I did the shingles, it took away another type of burning plus the rash I would get at times.

I recommend to only buy these particular brands of supplements that Anthony William recommends. I have tried other brands and Anthony William was right, other brands don't work nearly as good or not at all as the ones he has personally picked. No one is getting paid for these recommendations, just FYI.

Although I love buying teas from this place as well. They are super strong

STREP SUPPLEMENTS (90% of V cases)
Top supplements/foods for vaginal pain/burning caused by STREP according to Anthony William, from his second book Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods:
Zinc* This stuff was amazing and helped with the pain within 30 min (1)
Nettleleaf*  (burning) This stuff was amazing and helped with the pain within 30 min. (2)
Cat’s Claw* This stuff was amazing and helped with the pain within 30 min. (3) (DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR TRYING TO BECOME PREGNANT)
Licorice Root (pain and burning) I currently take this but didn’t know about it until I was cured (5)
Raspberry Leaf (burning) I currently take this but didn’t know about it until I was cured (6)
Chaga - such great stuff

The has an entire chapter on shingles in his first book where he recommends these.
Lobelia Once, this stuff helped when my other supplements did not. I took it internally and rubbed it externally where the V was burning and it really did relieve the burning. So maybe I had shingles and strep. Crazy. I'm still trying to figure it out and I'm not in pain anymore so now I'm just trying to put the pieces together.
Zinc* This stuff was amazing and helped with the pain within 30 min
Nettleleaf*  (burning) This stuff was amazing and helped with the pain within 30 min.
L-lysine - I would have taken this if I had known about it Chaga - such great stuff
Licorice Root (pain and burning) I currently take this but didn’t know about it until I was cured California Poppy - I would have taken this if I had known. It reduces inflammation.
ALA (alpha lipoic acid)
Vitamin B12 I take this every morning but the pain had subsided by the time I read about B12
It might take some time to heal. Chronic pain especially personal/private chronic pain is the worst. You can never be straight forward and tell your coworkers that you're having a hard day because your vagina is burning. Although towards the end of my battle, I have no problem talking about it but that took years.

Yin Care (to use externally)
This is also a great chinese product that helped with the heat on the outside of the vagina. Anthony William never mentioned this product but it helped me manage the pain.

You can combine this with Yin Care. Amazing for shingles! I figured out that I mostly had strep with a dash of shingles. Ugh. Lobelia kills shingles on contact. So if this works for you, then you know that you are fighting the shingles.
What supplements to buy? Don't waste your money!
I recommend to only buy these particular brands of supplements that Anthony William recommends. I have tried other brands and Anthony William was right, other brands don't work nearly as good or not at all as the ones he has personally picked. No one is getting paid for these recommendations, just FYI.

Zinc Deficiency
According to Anthony William, a zinc deficiency can cause chronic UTIs. I found this to be true in my case. The more zinc I took, the healthier I became. It works the best with iodine, so you can take an additional supplement or Hawaiian spirulina.
AW recommends these ones brans:
Ionic Zinc
Zinc Eidon

Heavy Metal Detox
According to Anthony William a high level of metals in your system can cause chronic UTIs. I found this to be true in my case. The more metals I got out of my system the happier my urethra became. Metals also feed viruses so it will help a burning vagina as well.

A few cases, I found that some women didn't get much better with the protocol until we started them on the metal detox. You know you need to do the metal detox now rather than later if you have the following issues in yourself, your parents or your siblings (most of your metals are passed down by your parents and ancestors): depression, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s, focus, concentration and memory loss issues, eczema, psoriasis, ADHD, ADD, autism, tingling, numbness, fatigue, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, dizziness and vertigo. Even one of these symptoms would indicate a high metal count in the family. The viruses that cause inflammation feed on these metals. Remove their food, you'll starve the viruses.

More information Here's Anthony William's radio show about UTIs.

It took years to figure out my triggers. Some I never figured out until I read Anthony William’s book titled the Medical Medium.
Thinking back the foods that triggered my pain were probably the following: aluminium foil, crazy oils, MSG (usually stated "natural flavoring"), weird sweeteners, artificial flavor and white sugar. If I ate gluten/dairy/eggs multiple days in a row that triggered it as well. You need to start figuring out your triggers. Take some stuff out. Feel your body. When you cheat, you will feel it and pay for it. Unfortunately. At least now you can start figuring them out.
Make sure to avoid water from the faucet. Still to this day, if I run out of filtered water or reverse osmosis water and drink water from the faucet, my urethra starts to burn after a few glasses. They put crap in our water and my lady parts are not fooled by their stupidity. Ugh.
Foods You Should Never Eat Again
Canola Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Palm Oil, Crazy Oils That You Can’t Pronounce
These oils are hidden everywhere! These are in most boxed products at Whole Foods. FML. They are highly inflammatory. Canola Oil is in roasted nuts at Whole Foods which literally makes no sense to me. So check everything! Most restaurants use Canola Oil cause it’s cheap. All their salad dressings. Just tell them you’re allergic.

Metals I mentioned a story about figuring out one of my worst triggers, aluminum foil. If I were to do it all over again, I would also replace my pains, spatula and knives in the beginning with the products AW recommends. I really found that metals aggravated my V.
MSG, Artificial Flavor & Sweetener
Watch out for MSG. Whenever the product says natural flavoring, that’s MSG. They have tricked us for all these years. This is a trigger, watch out. Read AW chapter on foods not to eat. There is a long list of how companies hide MSG using different labels.
Foods You Should Not Eat While You Are Healing
Anthony William doesn’t want you eating these ever again. None of these are good for you. Currently, I consider them cheats. They are not in my cupboard but now that my body is stronger and I'm no longer dealing with pain or any type of inflammation, I don’t need to be so strict. But if you are in pain or would like to live longer than everyone else, don’t eat the foods below.
White Sugar
Farmed Fish

Above I listed NO foods which might list everything you eat, have always eaten. In my twenties, I intuitively put this together and ended up not eating much. I was hungry but my vagina didn't burn as much. I lost a lot of weight and not in a cute way. The pain subsided for awhile then reared it’s ugly head when I was three months pregnant years later. FML. The trick is that your body needs energy to heal and it needs the right foods to fully heal. The right foods are medicinal. So you’ll be fighting your vulvodynia in the kitchen. If you ever had a problem eating healthy well then a burning vagina is a great motivator. As an added bonus you’ll look amazing.

Please review my second post which is all about food.

Also, here are some sample protocols:
Your Intuition
The one thing I have learned through all of this is how to follow my intuition. Don’t underestimate it! In my personal story, I explain how when I followed my intuition I found relief from the pain and finally healing. Don’t underestimate your gut feelings!
Around the home
Avoid normal household cleaners (just buy hippie ones at Whole Foods from now on), weird toxins, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, bad plastics, etc. It’s a lot of work to detox from these. So the less toxins you bring into your body, the faster you will heal. Again, read the book the Medical Medium to learn about all of these.

Who is Anthony William? He is a healer who made sense of it all and I never even met him. It's a long story which I will explain later but for now if I could give you any advice, read as much of his work as you can. He has two books. Medical Medium and Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods. If you are in too much pain to read, you can listen to his radio shows on Sound Cloud or HayHouse Radio.
His website is and he is very active on Facebook and Instagram.

If you find my blog overwhelming you're not alone. Women started to reach out to me because they didn't know where to begin. Each person is different. V is probably not your only problem physically. Your body has probably been sick for some time. I was able to help them narrow down what they are fighting and coach them through it. It's been a blessing because I get to witness their pain reducing and hold their hands while they heal. It's hard do this alone and isolated. It's hard to do this without the help of someone whose been there. It's hard to see through the pain because chronic pain and lack of hope make the world blurry. I know. I'm trying to be the person I wish I had when I was sick.

Read and listen to some of his radio shows, so you know what you're getting yourself into. If you would like to chat visit this page for more info. Currently I'm talking to about a 3-4 women a week. It's pretty crazy, since I've only been doing this a 4 months or so. I'll try to help if I can.


  1. Hello
    I am from Argentina
    I have a chronic pain for years, first were infections then the results began to be negative, deducting so I have vulvar vestibulitis.
    I burned to urinate, I even burned to sit, I have the inflamed clitoris and I can not fuck because of the pain and irritation that it generates.
    Although I do not have a good diet, I have been doing psychoanalytic therapy for some time now but the problem has not been cured.
    I am young, I am only 19 years old, with which you recommend me to start? Thank you

    1. OK... start with the strep protocol. (

      Strep/ecoli causes UTIs and strep causes 90% of vaginal inflammation according to Anthony William. The most important pieces.... NO eggs, dairy, wheat, pork, canola oil, aluminium foil contamination. Meat no more than once a day. Next... green juices morning and night. Nettle leaf alcohol free tincture 2 droppers, 3 times a day. Zinc 10 drops 3x a day in glass of water. Goldenseal alcohol free tinctures 2 droppers, 3x a day.

      Eat as much of these foods as you can:
      Best foods to kill EBV: wild blueberries, celery juice, sprouts, asparagus, spinach, cilantro, parsley, coconut oil, garlic, ginger, raspberries, lettuce, papayas, apricots, pomegranates, grapefruit, kale, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, fennel
      Best Foods to kill general strep: bananas, berries, spinach, onion (for reproductive system, bladder), juicing turmeric with cucumber or celery, celery juice, raw honey

      Listen to these shows: (If you have strep, you have EBV)

      Follow your body! She's going to decide the pace. Read this before you begin

  2. Hello, I have tested positive for EBV. My worst symptoms are burning vulva and throat. I am already gluten,dairy,sugar, and alcohol free. I feel awful and don't know what to do. O also am sensitive to smells like perfumes, shampoos, laundry detergent. Please help.

  3. Hello, I have tested positive for EBV. My worst symptoms are burning vulva and throat. I am already gluten,dairy,sugar, and alcohol free. I feel awful and don't know what to do. O also am sensitive to smells like perfumes, shampoos, laundry detergent. Please help.

    1. I'm so sorry! We can always set up a time to talk. Just email me the times you are available. We'll need to discuss what you are doing and not doing and past medical issues. I am not a practitioner but I was able to figure out how to heal my burning vagina so maybe I can help.


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