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Our Favorite Healing Concoctions, Juices & Smoothies

1. HONEY GARLIC GINGER CONCOCTION This recipe is similar to Anthony William's Turmeric Ginger Shots  which he recommends for many things. The only problem is that it's super time consuming to make because you have to juice the ingredients. Personally, I found that I needed a faster and easier way to get garlic down me throughout the day which made a huge difference when healing SIBO and vaginal issues. AW argues that many vaginal issues are actually caused by strep in the lower intestine. Salsa made with lots of garlic also works but I got bored of it quickly. Honestly this concoction should NOT taste good but it DOES and I'm not quit sure why. It's such a strange combination but I'm lovin it!  This recipe is designed for you to make a batch of it in the morning then leave it on your counter or refrigerator. I personally found that I could knock down symptoms significantly by taking a spoonful of this concoction every two hours while awake. Make sure to put an alar

Staying Satiated During a 369 Cleanse

I’m currently nursing my daughter who is 2 years old. If she wants to nurse but I'm hungry then she doesn’t get milk and then gets cranky, then I’m cranky because she’s cranky. This is important cause if you go hungry, your adrenals have to kick in. Your adrenals are already busy helping your liver flush out toxins so you want to support them as much as you can. (See Liver Cleanse book, chapter on adrenals) This is how I do a cleanse while keeping myself and my daughter satiated. By the way, I totally got this wrong during my first 369 cleanse. I think most of my “detox reactions” during my first round were just hunger. This information is also in our group's document. MIND SHIFT Try to alter your thinking a little. If you are eating to just stay satiated, you’re missing a bit part of this cleanse. Read about apples. They “expel putrefied, impacted protein and debris that have been hiding in intestine pockets.” (Life Changing Foods book) Basically, apples remove impacted shi

My Favorite MM Recipes: Desserts, Snacks and Dinners

SNACKS & DESSERTS  Apple Compote ( the fancy way of saying Apple Pie Filling) Directions: Peel and dice 3 apples. Heat on the stove with some 1/4c apple juice and some grated ginger. Once they are soft,remove from heat and add a mixture of a little more apple juice plus 1T arrowroot. Stir and it will thicken. Then add maple syrup and a little honey to taste. You can also sprinkle cinnamon. I live in Ireland and this recipe is definitely based on my favorite Irish apple pie. They don't add lemon, just apple juice and sugar to their apple filling. Obviously we're not doing the sugar but it's delicious. Add Oat Ginger Crumple First, using a coffee grinder, make 1/4C of GF oat flour. Then combine with 1/4C of oats. Add little honey, maple syrup, fresh grated ginger and some water. The consistency should be like cookie dough. Throw in the oven for 10 minutes. I don't like mine crunchy. It ended up being soft and chewy and delicious on the apple compote! I also sprinkled

My Favorite Cleanse Recipes: Lunch

  LUNCH  Mango Cucumber Salad I don’t like most salads. I consume most of my leafy greens in smoothies. My motto for myself is to “eat a little better each day.” My spirit animal is Tommy the Turtle.  I wanted to grow up and find a salad I really enjoyed that is cleanse friendly. It’s basically a big bowl of mango salsa: tomatoes, mango, thinly sliced cucumber, red peppers, red onion, cilantro, thinly cut spinach and some sweet potatoes. (I highly suggest you purchase a mandolin... they are magic. Just don't slice your finger cause they are also extremely dangerous!)  The dressing is just lime juice, maple syrup, fresh garlic (minced) and garlic powder. I added a few sprinkles of chili flakes if you wanna add a little spice. (I also like to add grated red onion sometimes as well) I Mandolined Everything in the Fridge Salad This salad was good... like really good! That’s the thing with salads you can’t really tell by a picture cause it’s all about the dressing. Crap dressing then cr

My Favorite Cleanse Recipes: Breakfast

BREAKFAST  Sweet Potato Creme & Wild Blueberry Compote Sweet potato bowls are great filling alternatives when you need a satiating breakfast without grains. Strep feeds on grains, so if you're fighting strep it might be a good idea to remove it for awhile. Here's a great breakfast, I've also had it for dinner as well ;)  Directions Peel, dice and steam purple sweet potatoes Once softened, blend them with some apple juice and maple syrup (just enough needed to blend). Recently, I've just been using maple syrup and a little honey. Just keeping tasting them till you like it. I also added some grated ginger that was delicious. In a small pot over low/medium heat, mix wild blueberries, lime juice (can do lemon) and some arrowroot (optional). Stir intermittently cause the arrowroot will harden to the bottom of the pot. Once thickened, then add maple syrup or a mixture of coconut sugar/honey. It tastes like blueberry pie. So good! Wild Blueberry Pie Filling. In a pot, mix

My Favorite Cleanse Recipes: Before Breakfast

BEFORE BREAKFAST Lemon Water, 16 ounces Lemon Water    "Should I drink lemon water before or after celery juice? You can drink it either before or after celery juice. If drinking lemon water first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking celery juice. If drinking celery juice first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking lemon water." "Can I add raw honey, ginger or other ingredients to my lemon water? Yes, for an extra boost, you can add one teaspoon each raw honey and freshly grated ginger to the lemon water. Your liver will draw in the raw honey to restore its glucose reserves, purging deep toxins at the same time. Just be sure to buy raw versus heated honey so you get all of this medicinal food’s healing properties." If you find that lemon water irritates your urethra, then drink ginger water instead. The lemon in the water is healing you but sometimes in can to it too abrasively. You'll eventually be able to graduate to lemon water but you can

Recipe Directory

MY RECIPES Before Breakfast Breakfast Lunch Dinner, Dessert & Snacks Healing Concoctions, Juices & Smoothies OTHER VALUABLE RECIPE RESOURCES This is a great collection MM recipes for the holidays:  MM Holiday Recipes This is literally (I think) all MM recipes to date gathered in one place with pictures:  MM Recipes (A Complete Collection 2021)  This collection was created by admins runs this great Facebook group titled  Whole Food Plant-Based, Gluten Free Recipes - Medical Medium Compatible


Is your vagina in pain? Are the doctors clueless? I am healed from vulvodynia (vaginal burning), chronic UTIs, vulva irritation, painful sex, chronic yeast, etc by following the protocols taught by  Anthony William, Medical Medium . The name of this website is really inaccurate. It should be titled  Anthony William’s Cure for Angry Vaginas . This website will hopefully help guide you through this healing process using my experience and the experience of other women who have also healed vaginal issues following MM info. Important point: I/we are not here to sell you anything. There are no affiliate links on this website. I do not make any money from this website. Myself and other women on this site were just very very sick for a very long time and after we healed, we couldn't just walk away. My main goal is to shorten your healing time. That's it.  Some people crochet as a hobby, others knit... I like help women heal their vaginas. It's a strange hobby but it's very fulf

Christie's Success Story: Healing V While Pregnant

STORIES CHANGE US Hearing the story of someone’s healing journey can change the way we heal ourselves. If I told you to drink some lemon water to heal vaginal discharge, you would probably drink a few glasses a day. But if I told you Christie’s story (which we will get into shortly) and how she healed her vaginal discharge (one of her many symptoms) in just ONE DAY by drinking lemon water every two hours, you would put a two hour alarm on your phone and build a lemonade stand in your kitchen. Testimonials like Christie’s have the ability to gently convince us of the power in Anthony William protocols without shoving it down our throats. They build our belief so we have the strength to try and heal again. I see the Pinterest meme all the time, “Let food be thy medicine” but I don’t think mainstream society really believes it. I don’t think our culture believes that food can alleviate VERY painful conditions and actually heal you. It can. I experienced it and here is another story illust