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Rinsing is Essential

I've learned a lot while coaching other women who are fighting V. Honestly when I first starting coaching I didn't understand the full picture of my healing. There were certain things that I just did without thinking that made a big difference in my healing. I really didn't understand their full impact till I talked to others who were still in their battle.

One of these things was rinsing. Almost 20 years ago when I struggled with chronic UTI's an acupuncturist recommended rinsing. I've been rinsing ever since. Basically, after you go to the bathroom (pee or poop) you rinse your lady parts with water. He explained that it contracts your urethra and pushes any sort of bacteria out. For me, it was a game-changer.

SETTING EXPECTATIONS: So rinsing isn't going to take away pain, at least it didn't for me. But it did help stop the cycle of chronic UTIs and when the outside of my vagina was hot and raw, it helped me feel refreshed after going to the bathroom.

I do this at home and in public restrooms. It's easy to do anywhere and it only takes about 20 seconds, not even. 

DIRECTIONS: After you pee or poo, take a cup or a water bottle in your dominant hand. Push your pelvic bone upwards and try to touch your lower back to the back of the toilet. Pour the water over the top of clitoris/urethra and with your non-dominant hand rub your clitoris/urethra in a circular motion. You're aiming to get the water to contract and clean the urethra. You'll feel it, it feels like a cool mountain breeze right up your urethra. You're welcome. 

ADVICE: You can do this with tap water or if you're really sensitive use filtered water. Also, make sure if you leave a cup in the bathroom and wash it periodically. Always flush your toilet with the lid down to not spread germs and of course wash your hands 😆

When I posted about rinsing on November 18, 2020 in our VWMM group another woman mentioned "I have a spray bottle full of water next to my toilet. I spray my lady parts right after I pee and it has made a huge difference!" 

When I posted this on our general Vulva Warrior FB group on March 1, 2020 these were some of the responses (they are still posted in this group if you want to read them yourself):
  • "Totally true! Regular water bottle works even better"
  • "I used to work at a manufacturing plant and the women always took cups of water into the stall with them. The American women thought it was extremely odd, myself included. Now I know."
  • "I do this too with a peri bottle. It has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I bought several on Amazon and keep them in every bathroom and my purse"
  • "I'm sorry.. Half way through (reading the post) I was trying to understand what you meant by rinsing.. Did it mean washing the vulva with water every time you pee or poop? I'm a Muslim so it's like a daily habit for me so I failed to understand lol. Yess every time I rinse it does cool down my vulva a bit. It does help."
  • "I keep a spray bottle of filtered water with a couple drops of tea tree and colloidal silver in it and spray after every time." I found this very interesting. I wouldn't try tea tree but I would try lavender. MM does list sovereign silver on his website so I would purchase that brand. 
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