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Questions & Answers I have been a coach on the Vulva Warrior Facebook Group since 2018. During that time I have answered so many questions from members of our group that I thought a compilation of my responses would make a good post. Again, I healed following Anthony William’s material after seeing 25 doctors and more than 25 alternative practitioners. I’ll be adding to this post periodically. Keep fighting ladies! 

If there is a question you would like to ask me please post a comment below or join our community on Facebook. We have started a new Facebook group designed for women who are following Anthony William protocols to heal, "Vulva Warriors MM 369 Cleanse."

I would also like to thank all the women that I have worked with and their belief in my experience. I am NOT a doctor or a practitioner or even a properly trained coach but just someone who has been in the trenches and survived and then thrived. Thank you for believing in my story of healing and your trust.

Scroll down to the bottom to review the pregnancy questions.


1. Is it common to get symptoms worse when you are on your period. I’m following the protocols almost entirely, like 95% strict, and getting better in a lot of ways! Most notably, my first bleed I was pretty much pain free and had a lot more brain focus, barely any PMS symptoms (also used to get really bad) and no prior breast pain....
However, this last week, before and after my bleed, my vulvodynia has gotten worse, I’m noticing dull aching sensations that I’m not very familiar with, as well as a lot of itching, feeling generally acidic, and more numbness than usual.

Answer: Yes... this is normal and it sucks. You are not alone! Flaring around the time of your period is also VERY common and I see it in most cases of V issues. During the time of your period 80% of your immunity goes to your reproductive organs leaving you only 20% to cope. This also happens to a lesser degree while you are ovulating. If you are flaring around the time of your period there are lots of things you can do. Now that you know the flare around the time of menstruation is caused by a drop in your immunity, then focus on immunity boosting protocols. It also might be a sign that you need more immune boosting elements in your protocol during the entire month to avoid a flare around the the time of your period. Increase your zinc, micro C, lysine, vimergy's propolis (which kills almost everything). Raspberry leaf tea, chaga and cherries pull toxins from the reproductive system. One of our coaches did 2T of chaga in a cherry smoothie daily for 3 months. Nettle leaf is ideal too. 

PLEASE DON'T EXPECT THE PAIN TO DECREASE ON DOWNWARD SLOPE... IT FEELS MORE LIKE A ROLLER COASTER. Basically, as you start to kill viruses, detox metals, toxins and dermatoxins... your body has to release these poisons back into your bloodstream to exit your body. So as they are exiting your body they can flare things on the way out. (Source: Cleanse to Heal) Basically when you kill a virus the process creates a virus corpse and within the corpse or shell the remnants of a virus can remain which can flare things on the way out. (Thyroid Healing)

Flares while healing can also be caused by NEW dermatoxins which are brewed in the liver. Dermatoxins are created when a virus eats a toxin or a metal then poops. Dermatoxins are virus poop. Eek! It takes some time to remove this stuff from your liver. So while you heal one batch of dermatoxins in your blood stream, a whole other batch is brewing in your liver and will be released eventually.

Honestly between all these factors it's a miracle that we heal the way we do but it worked for me and others as well. So just hold on... say a few prayers to your favorite angel... Angel of Faith is lovely just to give you a faith booster. Angel of Healing as well. 

Just because you know WHY you are flaring doesn't mean you can't do anything about it! Quite the contrary. Look up your specific flaring symptoms in post 3 and start targeting to heal. Meaning.... slam the foods, herbs, etc. that MM recommends for your specific ailment. While I healed my symptoms were constantly changing... meaning my protocol was in flux as well. I chased the pain down. If you don't know how to target your symptoms see post 16. Another powerful thing you can do is lower your fat so you body can flush out the toxins as fast as possible because fat slows down the detox process. Drinks lots of juices/drinks that are alkaline like lemon water, cucumber juice, celery juice, celery/cucumber/parsley juice. 

It's such a effing roller coaster! Hang in there love! 

2. If and when we knock the strep down EBV etc. , what about partners semen? How do we prevent all the bacteria from keeping us unhealthy?

Answer: This is all Anthony William sourced. AW info healed me from V.
Short answer: ZINC and other measures to increase general immunity.
Long answer: OK... so the closest thing he talks about related to V is PID and BV and UTI. Close enough. I healed following a strep/EBV, little bit of shingles protocol. I've been with one partner, my husband and the only partner my husband has been with is me (which always confused the doctors cause they love to blame it on a STD) So my husband gets strep C every 1-2 years (he doesn't follow much of AW's stuff). He has a long history of strep.

Basically, you need to increase your immunity. Your vagina should be able to fight off sources of bacteria/virus. The reason a lot of people are getting sick now is because environmental toxins have killed the zinc in our food. And we no longer eat fresh fruits/veggies that have live probiotics on them. He talks about this in length on the link below, scroll down. So you'll need to increase your general immunity.

A long time ago a man called in during one of AW's radio shows and mentioned that he got chronic ear infections (caused by strep too). AW mentioned that he had a severe zinc deficiency and that he needed to be on zinc for two years. Two years.

Basically, work on increasing your immunity. Zinc. Celery juice. Fruit works in conjuncture with your immunity so lots of fruit. There's so much you can do.

From experience, I can have lovely sex now without an issue and it's been years. But yes, I'm on zinc, eat lots of fruit, going on 5 years of CJ, etc. I don't eat perfect but I know how to balance my cheats now and I honestly ENJOY eating well. But I don't eat perfect, honestly through my entire healing process I only ate perfectly for a few weeks during the cleanses. Most of my healing I just ate better and better. I had a lot of food addictions to heal.

Another note, AW mentions that if you have PID then you also have strep in your lower intestine. I once talked to a woman whose vagina started burning two weeks after food poisoning. So some of V cases, I think can be caused by a virus in the intestine alone. So you'll need to heal your gut and make sure you are eating enough live probiotics. See link below.

Deep breaths. Everything on the flu viruses page will increase your immunity. Even though it's written for flu virus it will help build your immunity to fight all viruses. Make sure you get the correct brands of zinc that he recommends... the supplement market is full of crap products.

3. Question: How is gut health connected to v pain?

Answer: So I followed Anthony William to heal. He argues that PID/vulvodynia is caused 90% by strep bacteria/EBV virus (both undetectable by current conventional medicine). He also states that there are strains of the shingles virus that can cause vaginal pain and issues as well. Personally and from a few other women that I've spoken to, pain can be caused what he calls ammonia gas. This gas is formed by undigested food in the gut that is putrifying, then this gas can permeate all throughout your body inflaming issues.

According to AW, SIBO is caused by strep. Colitis is caused by shingles. I coach women now and from my notes, I would say about more than 70% of the women I talk to have gut issues. One woman got food poisoning then two weeks later her vagina started burning. Most women who have gut issues, the V pain started a few months or years later after they were diagnose with SIBO/Colitis/IBS, etc.

If AW is to be believed then maybe in some of these cases the virus starts in the stomach and works itself down to the vagina. Or if they got the virus from another source, they could have undigested food in their gut producing ammonia gas which inflames the issue in their vagina. I've had all three actually. The reason I know is because different AW protocols worked for different pains at different times. I didn't really have a full understanding of my problems until I figured out what protocols healed them.

4. Q: Why does celery juice taste horrible in the beginning? 

Answer: Deep breaths. AW mentions this in his CJ book. It means that this reaction is real because your system is very toxic. (This is very common in those with vulvodynia) Myself, my mother and my son all experienced the same thing. With time (it took my son about a month of daily celery juice) and now he drinks it like water. He's 5. But because your body is having a hard time drinking it then I always advise those to trust their body's aversion. It means your body wants to heal slower than you would probably prefer. So I would reduce the amount of celery juice you are drinking. If you do celery juice then wait 30 minutes and then drinking a melon juice or aloe vera water. Either will help you detox and graduate to the next level of healing you will need to reach with celery juice. Start with 4 ounces and gradually increase.

5. Question: How is trauma and vulvodynia connected?

Answer: It hurts my heart to answer this question knowing and hearing what so many women have been through. So I followed Anthony William protocols to heal. I have never experienced something I would consider traumatic and I had V for years. It came on suddenly. So AW argues that these pains are caused by viruses doctors currently don’t know about. These viruses like to hide out in our organs for years and years.

They prefer to pounce and spread when our immune system is weakened... a trauma (physical or emotional) would give them the perfect opportunity. Also, these viruses like to inflame broken nerve endings so if there was an injury the viruses keep an area from healing. There were times when I was coaching and they mentioned their V started after a certain event. I immediately would ask if the event was difficult or traumatic (like a breakup) and I would be right. I think a few of them thought I was psychic 😂 but I was looking for a traumatic event or point in their lives where their immunity was weak. For some, their V would start after those moments. Some after a physical assault, a death of someone close, emotional trauma, others after food poisoning (my guess the virus moved down from their stomach), then in my case for no damn reason. Ugh. Don’t give up ladies!

6. Question: How long does it take to heal?

Answer: It all depends. For me, I could reduce my flares in 30 minutes with certain green drinks. It took me a few months to stop the cycle of flares and probably 6 months to have lovely sex again. For Candi, it took her two weeks. For another woman I coached, it took two months for the pain to start to subside and 7 months for it be gone completely (although in that case, she said it was difficult removing the NO foods). For some women unfortunately it took years but they kept going cause the pain was decreasing just slowly.

Your main concern is honestly not your vagina but your sanity. So if staying off the NO foods is driving you crazy then just pick one. I would start with eggs. Just little by little, every day does adds up over time.

Your goal is to just get the pain to go down slightly. That will give you a little bit of belief in these protocols. Then you'll try a few more things based on your resolve built by your little belief. Those things will help the pain go down even more and then you'll believe even more in your healing. Then just keep going. At least that was my experience.


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