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What to Expect While Healing: Detox Process, Self-Compassion, Staying Sane, Healing Flares

When I first started healing I was expecting the pain to decrease on a downward slope. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It was like riding a roller coaster BUILT on a downward slope. At times, certain green juices (hello... celery/cucumber/cilantro) would reduce my vaginal burning from a level ten to zero in 25 minutes but at other times it took me days or months or longer to get certain vaginal ailments to heal. Then when I thought I was done healing my vagina, BAM my vagina would burn horribly once again. In my experience, I don’t think many of my flares (post finding MM) were from the detox culprits listed in section 4 below. At the time, I could connect most of these flares to the shit food I was eating here and there. At the time, my mornings were pretty MM flawless (LW, CJ, HMDS, etc) but I really struggled how to feed myself later in day. Please don’t take this approach if you can avoid it! The cleaner you eat, the faster you will heal! Even though some of my healing journey was slower than others, I still got here. I also want to bring some honesty to this process and some transparency to those who really struggle with eating clean. Little by little. Just keep going. 

I learned a lot while healing, lessons that I wish I knew when I started this journey cause honestly it would have shortened my healing time dramatically. That's the entire reason I published this blog, I just want to shorten your healing time. It's ALSO important to understand what happens in your body WHILE HEALING because without that understanding, your first flare AFTER you start your healing journey might emotionally wreck you. I've been there. After I started purposely decreasing my pain using Medical Medium information I felt I finally found the right path but then the pain would come back and wreck me emotionally. I kept going cause honestly it was the first time I had ANY control of the pain after having no hope for many years.

I'll be honest, I can NOT give you a timeline. For me personally, it was about 4-5 months to get heal the vaginal burning but I was doing MM things for about about a year and STILL had a miscarriage. After my miscarriage, I got more serious about MM protocols and kept going. Two years later I got pregnant with my daughter who is now almost 4. The pregnancy was easier, the birth was easier and frankly she was a lot healthier than my son who I had preMM. Sometimes it just takes time to "turn the boat around" and that's a hard truth to digest.

Your body can NOT heal you overnight.
 Detoxing incorrectly is hard on the body and frankly, dangerous. Please understand this. If you are healing correctly your body will NOT release toxins/poisons/viral debris ALL AT ONCE. It's too dangerous for your health. It will release them little by little. If your body attempts to flush all these poisons at once they will flood your lymphatic system and your liver will once again need to absorb these poisons so they don't harm you. So please expect that your healing process to PROGRESS SLOWER THAN YOU PREFER. If you would like to increase your healing speed, then start reading Cleanse to Heal book. See post 20 in this blog for cleanse recommendations as well. I would NOT jump into an advanced cleanse in the beginning. I think that would be too intense especially when healing an inflamed vagina (see section 4 below). I would start with morning cleanse then keep progressing.

Good to note: I have noticed that nerve pain also takes more time to heal than other ailments cause the nerves can be trained to be inflamed and can stay inflamed even after the pathogens are eradicated. (MM has stated but I'm still looking for the passage... he posts a lot of videos ;) 

The first mental shift I made was to prioritize my SANITY over my healing speed. Yes, I wanted to heal but healing takes time and I still have to live my life without going crazy. My main priority right now is to be a sane and vibrant mother for my young children. I can't do this while in pain and I also can't do this trying to do ALL these healing protocols at once. So it's a balance. 

What's hard about these protocols is that YOU have to heal YOURSELF and it's hard to heal yourself when you lack compassion for yourself. So please, let this process nurture and strengthen your self-compassion. Cause one day, you're gonna give into the chocolate cupcake/pizza/twizzlers and your vagina is gonna burn like hades. In those moments, take a deep breath. Connect the cheat food to the pain (this will help you resist it next time). Then give yourself a big internal hug. Don't fall into the guilt vortex. Don't jump into the self-loathing maze. Let your "big self" tell your "little self" that you are not perfect at this and that's ok. You will do better next time. Now don't wait till tomorrow to start again. That's the trick! Get up (right now), walk to the kitchen and make yourself some celery juice. Then sit down and read the sections on cravings in chapter 25 of Cleanse to Heal.

So first, let's go through the main reasons why flares still occur after someone begins their healing journey according to Anthony William. This section assumes that you have not cheated on a NO food in a WEEK OR MORE. If you have, then it’s most likely NOT a detox flare but just a normal viral flare caused by a cheat. Don’t worry! I’ve been there and I screwed myself many times. (If that’s the case, section 6 below will still help) Also, you might not experience ANY of the detox flares listed below. That’s normal! It all depends on your body and everyone is different. Sections 4, 5 and 6 are really designed for those who are struggling with flares while healing.

4A. Virus Corpses: Virus cells has a roughly six week life cycle which means that cells are often dying off. The viral corpse cells are toxic. Now when MM talks about the harm of viral corpses, he is speaking about the corpses that are created during this six week cycle process. "Neurotoxins can also reside in the viral corpses, if there's leftover meat inside their casings, and the neurotoxins can seep out as the corpses drift throughout the body." (Thyroid, page 19) I'M GUESSING that when we intentionally kill viruses thus creating corpses, these are also toxic. (Thyroid Book page 19 and CTH book page 242) This is especially important for those who are trying to heal their inflamed vagina because these toxic corpses will need to travel directly through or NEAR your already inflamed detox pathways (butthole, urethra and yes vagina too). At times, I do remember experiencing vulva itch or burning 20 minutes before I had to poop. Then after pooping all the vulva itching and burning would disappear. Wild. Fat and a lack of hydration slows down detoxing as well.

I have experienced this a bunch and the only thing that makes sense is the paragraph above. 7 years into MM my chest started to get terribly tight after watermelon juice (while I was still drinking it) and at times it started happening with lemon water. (I was having a difficult time breathing, very scary) In my mind, these drinks were targeting a virus killing things off a little too efficiently and the viral corpses with neurotoxins were inflaming things on the way out. (My lungs are one of my weakest organs... they didn't work when I was born (I was on a breathing machine for the first 10 days of my life) and I have a long history of bronchitis, COVID etc.) I didn't stop drinking these drinks though. Instead I would add a cucumber juice or honey/minced garlic concoction would calm everything down in about 5 minutes. 

4B. Viral Tantrums: The second cause of flaring while healing can happen when you start to kill the pathogen and it basically throws a tantrum and flares. It's like throwing a rock a beehive. MM literally says when you start to starve them and they "start to die, it's going to release that poison. Some viruses even explode" (CTH book page 243) This has happened to a handful of women in our group when they start to kill shingles then they get a shingles rash, then everything calms down. Effing viral tantrum is what I like to call it 😉 Also, when you start to starve viruses of their food source they are going to frantically look for food throughout your body and while they are racing to find food they will expend lots of energy and excrete lots of poison. (CTH, chapter 20) I'm just gonna group that into this 'tantrum' category as well.

4C. Symptom Cycles: There is a third option which MM calls "Symptom Cycles" from the Liver Rescue book. Basically dermatoxins are brewed in the liver about every 6 weeks. Dermatoxins are toxic byproducts that get produced when a pathogen consumes a metal/toxin usually in the liver. It’s viral toxic poop that travel to the skin and inflame it. So as we are actively healing the dermatoxins circulating in our blood and skin there is a whole other round of dermatoxins being brewed in the liver. (LR book page 52) This can be infuriating cause just when you feel like you are making progress healing and flushing out the toxins currently being circulated in your blood... then BAM... the liver releases a fresh batch of dermatoxins. I've experienced these cycles with neurotoxins as well... just FYI.

4D. New Viral/Toxin Exposures: Also don't forget you can get a new PATHOGEN or a new exposure to TOXINS at any point while healing. Public parks are sprayed with chemicals, our tap water is full of toxins and yes unfortunately according to MM, toxins are falling out of the sky (see MM's post on Chemtrails). New viruses are living on door knobs, grocery carts, your children's unwashed hands... it's all exhausting. I think this is more common than we think. CTH book, page 245. Basically MM says that sometimes we intuitively can sense when something is going wrong, even before symptoms arise. So we embark on a cleanse or stricter protocol, then the ailments start showing themselves and we blame it on the protocol rather than the pathogen.   

True Stories: Once I thought I thought I was having a detox reaction but then realized my whole family was experiencing the same symptoms... turns out we all caught the flu. Sigh. Another time I got a shingles rash on my face and I thought it was a detox flare. Then I learned that a bunch of my friends also got trigeminal neuralgia (shingles) around the same time. I got a new strain of shingles. Shit. Another time, I was literally in the middle of eating a Mexican dinner (which isn’t the best but it’s also not the worst) when my vagina started burning. This was weird cause I had eaten the same dish every week for years without issue. Then I realized oh no! This time we had purchased the food to go and it was wrapped in aluminum foil! The metal leached into my food and my viruses were consuming the aluminum which created neurotoxins inflaming my vagina. Ugh. I honestly could go on and on with these stories. 

4E. Flares Around/During Menstrual Cyle: During the time near menstruation your immune system lowers by "80% because that 80% goes toward protecting your uterus and ovaries. This is natural built in phenomenon to ensure life here on earth continues safely. Often when the uterus sheds its lining, it's trying to eliminate pathogens and other toxins that your immune system needs to be present for to help protect you. And at ovulation, your reproductive immune system strengthens to protect your ovaries, which means that your overall immune system lower by 40% leaving the rest of your body more vulnerable." (Cleanse to Heal, page 549). We have noticed in our group that menstrual flares will probably be the last flare to fade while healing cause of the monthly drop in immunity.

4F. Flares When Detoxing Metals/Toxins: I’m guessing that the majority of you will NOT experience a reaction to HMDS. In theory the 5 key ingredients (wild blueberries, cilantro, dulse, barley juice grass powder, spirulina) are suppose to work together to safely escort toxins out of your body. See link below. I’ve been drinking HMDS for around 7 years 4x or more a week and I found this to be true, till you heal deeper. Let me explain.

On year 7, during my 8th cleanse around the 7th day, I started flaring after HMDS. I found this totally bizarre cause I had been drinking it for 7 years (4x or more a week). Why did this happen after so many years? MM argues that the more toxic the toxin, the deeper the liver will bury it inside itself to protect you. I’m guessing that by the time I got to my 8th cleanse and after 7 years using MM information, I was cleaning out REALLY toxic toxins. Things that the liver had buried deeply. Let me reiterate, the vagina/urethra/butthole are detox pathways. So toxic material (even if it’s being safely escorted by the 5) has to pass through areas THAT ARE ALREADY INFLAMED OR HAVE A HISTORY OF INFLAMMATION. Honestly it’s pretty impressive that this was the first reaction I experienced in 7 years. See section 6F to read how I healed it. Yes, in my experience, you can also heal detox flares.

4G. Vaginal Discharge During a Cleanse or While Eating Super Clean
If you are experiencing a new wave of discharge during a cleanse or while you have been eating clean for awhile, don't worry, you are not alone! We have noticed a trend in women experiencing discharge/yeast symptoms while healing. AW talks about experiencing flares while cleansing in Cleanse to Heal, chapter 20 page 244. Your liver/body is now strong enough to release the toxins that have been holding you back but for them to exit your body has to release them back into your blood stream. "Before these virus cells die off they start scrambling and looking for fuel"... and to do this they "need to use up whatever energy source they have stored inside them, and that means they expel and release that poisonous energy source." These released poisons can cause flare ups. The adrenals release adrenaline to help flush them out to help the process but I'm guessing your body still wants to protect you from these exiting toxins. 

Candida is caused by your cells who "intentionally consume food waste and poisons to prevent harmful bugs, such as E. coli, C. diff, and Streptococcus, from feasting on these things and building their armies." Truth About Your Candida ( I'm guessing that if you have experienced an influx of candida symptoms while cleansing that you either got exposed to something new (4D, 4E) or your body is creating extra candida so it can consume the detox waste to protect you.  

In summary, if you are cleansing it would be great if these just disappeared but it might not happen like this. You might flare a few times while cleansing for this reason. Sorry. This totally sucks, I know but in my experience and with others we have seen, it really does work once enough toxins finally exit.

To heal a candida flare while healing please review section 6 below. ALSO go to POST 3, section 9. If you have itch, use the itch protcol. If discharge or candida or yeast infection or BV... utilize the specific recommendations for your pain type. (This section is also in POST 3, section 9D.

Our group is unique because some women in our group DEFINTELY experience detox flares that I don't read about in other MM healing groups. MM talks about similar issues when healing hemorrhoids. (Cleanse to Heal, page 249). Basically when you are trying to heal an inflamed area that is a detox pathway, then "passing poisons and toxins that are barreling out of the liver and leaving through the urinary and intestinal tract can cause an already inflamed rectal area where veins and mucus membranes are sensitive to flare up." 

Now let's think for a second... to heal our vaginas we need to kill viruses and detox toxins/metals. Then the dislodged toxins/metals and viral corpses (containing remnants of the pathogen or neurotoxin) need to be flushed out of the body. In order for these things to exit the body, they travel directly through the areas that are ALREADY INFLAMED (vagina, butthole, urethra) and are sensitive to flare up. Shit.

Fortunately for you, we now have a whole community who have already healed using these protocols. We have learned LOTS of lessons that will help you avoid detox flares altogether and we will teach you how to calm down these flares if they do occur. I can honestly say that most of the flares I experienced after finding MM were self inflicted after eating a shit cheat food. I’m just being honest here. I don’t think I experienced a real detox flare till year 6 or so when I was healing other ailments in my body. So if you are just beginning your MM journey, don’t be surprised if you don’t experience detox flares at all.

These are things that I found most helpful when reducing a flare even if it's caused 
viral corpses, viral tantrums, symptom cycles, new exposures, really toxic material or during my menstrual cycle.

6A. Target Pain - I targeted my pain even if I didn't know it's exact cause. Review post 3 and look up your specific symptoms. When calming a flare I found juice to work the fastest. Things like celery/cucumber/cilantro, MMs cranberry juice, MMs aloe water, lemon/honey/ginger water, etc. Just try your best to tailor the juice/concoction to your pain type. I also found certain tea concoctions helped like once I was my vagina was burning and didn't have access to celery juice. I made a tea concoction with licorice powder (inflamed nerves), chaga powder (nerves/strep) and cat's claw powder (anti-viral) with raw honey. That worked great and calmed down the burning in about 25 minutes. 

Story Time: I was really attracted to watermelon slushies (post 18) but every time I drank it, my chest would get super tight and it felt hard to breath. If I was younger this would have freaked me out. So I looked up “chest tightness” in Life Changing Foods (I have it on my phone) and ginger/garlic/honey/thyme heals chest tightness which is a neurological symptom. So I made a concoction of grated ginger/minced garlic/honey and that would calm down an episode in about 7 minutes or so. Wild. So then I started adding ginger directly into my slushie and I haven't experienced it since. That's targeting. See post 16 for more on targeting.

6B. Increase Celery Juice, Cucumber Juice and Stay Hydrated - I increased my celery juice when flaring.  Yes it acreates kills viruses and creates viral corpses but it also is a great anti-inflammatory and helps to flush things out of your intestinal tract and liver (per LCF book). Cucumber juice is really good at flushing neurotoxins as well. Water, lemon water, lemon/honey/ginger water, MMs cranberry water, MMs grape slushie, coconut water and any sort of juices will help you thin out your blood to flush out toxins. It’s hard to flush out toxins if the blood is thick and full of fat and salt. See MMs work on 'dirty blood syndrome.' So make sure to be drinking a lot of fluids. (Teas are healing but they are NOT hydrating or dehydrating per MM. So teas don't count.) If you are being drawn to certain teas add some fresh lemon juice which will help. You can also drink coconut water afterwards to help flush things out. 

6C. Support Your Adrenals
- I supported my adrenals. 
In order for your body to detox 1 part toxin, your adrenals have to create 2 parts adrenaline to flush the toxin out or your body. (Liver Rescue book, page 129) I find this fact totally crazy but it makes sense. Celery juice restores the adrenals. Licorice root, nettle leaf and asparagus are my favorite adrenal healers. MM seems prefer licorice and asparagus the most per LCF book. Parsley as well. (Juicing asparagus with celery can be very helpful and tastes just as good as it sounds! Sorry). Also remember to eat every 1.5 hours so your adrenals can focus on detoxing rather than keeping your going. See MM's info on healing adrenals and adrenal snacks.

6D. Slow Down Your Protocol - If you think that your protocol is creating too many viral corpses at once, then SLOW DOWN your protocol by decreasing (most likely) your most anti-viral supplements. (Years ago, MM recommended in a radio show years ago to slow down a cleanse if it's too much but he didn't go into details about how to slow things down) If it was me, I would decrease my most potent viral killing supplements so LESS VIRAL CORPSES are being flushed out. For example, cat's claw and goldenseal is REALLY effective at killing viruses which means it creates a lot of viral corpses. If it was me, I would stop the cat's claw but increase the celery juice. Yes, CJ creates viral corpses but it's also IDEAL for flushing those corpses and acting as an anti-inflammatory throughout your body. When incorporating new  supplements/herbs, go slowly because you honestly don't know you are sensitive till you start healing. I personally didn't flare from any of these supplements but I've talked to many women who have flared.... so just ramp up slowly. I also alway leaned on juicing throughout the whole process which I think helped tons.

6E. Simplified Cleanse - If I got really stuck I would drop into a simplified cleanse (Cleanse to Heal book) AND targeted my symptoms. Why? Removing the fat and salt and everything else helps to flush things out. Once I got food poisoning and my vagina started burning a week or so later. I did all the things in my blog and couldn't keep the pain down. So I dropped into a simplified cleanse WHILE doing the burning vagina protocol and everything calmed down in a few days. Boom.

6F. Detoxing Toxins/Metals: MM recommends specific things you can do to assist the process of detoxing toxins/metals using the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (see section 4E for the first part). The first recommendation is to eat an apple after drinking the HMDS. Why? The “pectin in apples helps absorb bile coming from the liver into the intestinal tract- bile that may have traces of toxic heavy metals in it due to the HMDS uprooting them from the liver.” (Cleanse to Heal, page 184). Personal story: I had been drinking HMDS for about 7 years. Then during my 8th cleanse around the 7th day, I started flaring with a burning vulva after HMDS. (See section 4E). I remembered that I should have eaten an apple after HMDS. That calmed everything down. Wild. I did the same thing the next day and didn’t flare at all. 

MM recently made another recommendation in the Brain Save Protocols book. On page 319, MM recommends drinking a glass of coconut water 15 minutes after drinking one of the brain shots. This particular shot (Brain Detox Tonic) contains many of the HMDS ingredients. The coconut water “serves an important purpose: pushing the toxins out of the body.”

If you are having issues with HMDS I would also drink it before you consume any fat and while you stay hydrated with lots of water and liquids. See section 6B.

See section 7 (below) where I discuss HMDS and headaches.

So I tried doing MM's cleanse from his first book, Medical Medium shortly after it was published. Basically it requires you to eat all raw fruits/veggies for 28 days. I was only able to make it 7 days. It's a rough one especially for beginners. On day 3 of the cleanse, I got a headache and it lasted for 3 days. Ugh. Prior to this cleanse I would experience horrible sinus headaches near one section of my forehead. I experienced these chronic headaches for YEARS prior to this cleanse. I instinctually knew that the cleanse was healing these chronic headaches so I just kept going. I was new to MM and didn't know how to target pain even if it was detox pain. After the third day it faded and never returned. It's been years since that cleanse. Woot woot!

So Muneeza, a top MM practitioner, argues that detox issues only last a few hours. Normally I agree with her but in my experience they can last longer. It was worth it but painful. 

I would have done this completely differently if this happened to me again because I now know better. My guess is that I experienced detox pain cause either the pathogens threw a tantrum or I produced too many viral corpses at once inflaming the area (section 4A & 4B above). If I had to do it again, I would target the pain just like a normal flare. 

  • B12 Shock Therapy - MM recently published this in the Brain Saver book. He argues that it heals "neurological episodes" and "acute attacks of body pain." Basically take 2 dropperfuls every 3 hours. Can mix with a little water. Do this for 1 or 2 days. 
  • Green Drink - 1 Large Cucumber/Celery/Cilantro and/or Parsley/Lemon Juice/Grated ginger - Why? Cause all those things heal headaches. Cucumber and celery are REALLY good at flushing out toxins. (Per LCF book) 
  • Lemon Honey Ginger water - ideal for headaches (per LCF book) Also these things are hydrating, and your goal is to flush out toxins and viral corpses.
  • Coconut Water - ideal for headaches and flushes out viral crap (LCF book)
  • Curcumin and Turmeric Shots (just blend turmeric with OJ and strain) - ideal for headaches (per LCF book)
  • Chaga and Honey tea - heal headaches (per LCF book)
  • Tea Concoction - nettle, licorice, ginger, red clover (per LCF book) Now tea is great but MM argues it's not hydrating or dehydrating which means I'm not sure if it actually flushes out viral corpses and neurotoxins. Worth a shot though. That's why I like to focus on juices/fresh drinks that specialize in headaches.
Headaches After Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie  - So if you're experiencing headaches after HMDS smoothie, you are not alone. I've seen this a few times in our FB group. Let's target those.

First, MM recently made another recommendation in the Brain Save Protocols book. On page 319, MM recommends drinking a glass of coconut water 15 minutes after drinking one of the brain shots. This particular shot (Brain Detox Tonic) contains many of the HMDS ingredients. The coconut water “serves an important purpose: pushing the toxins out of the body.”

If it was me I would also do the things above PLUS eat 1-2 apples after drinking HMDS smoothie. Why? Per MM the pectin in the apple helps escort the toxins and dislodged toxins out of your body. (CTH book) If it was me and I was experiencing headache after HMDS, I would increase my CJ before drinking HMDS and I would reduce the amount I was drinking of HMDS. Then slowly build back up over time. Or I would decrease the supplements in my smoothie and increase the cilantro since cilantro heals headaches. I would also add ginger and coconut water to the smoothie because they also heal headaches. I did this with other smoothie, see section 6A above when I was experiencing detox reactions.

A common detox/healing reaction when healing vaginas is bloating. I always look 4 months pregnant the first 5 days of every cleanse. Sigh. According to Cleanse to Heal (pg 247) it can be "a indication of unproductive bacteria in the gut dying off. It could also be the result of the cleanse purging the liver of toxins that then have a slight inflammatory effect on the intestinal tract on their way out." While working with the women in our group I don't think this happens with just cleanses. I have talked to women who experience this when they are eating super clean and struggle with bloating daily cause bad toxins/bacteria (I'm guessing) are being flushed out every day. Personally, my pain left years before my bloating left although I'm not a perfect MMer so I'm sure others could heal faster than I did. When I experienced bloating as a healing reaction these are the MM recommendations that helped the most (if you notice these things aren't just supplements) These things helps to flush things out of the inflamed intestinal tract and away from the vagina.
  • Celery Juice
  • Cucumber juice (helps flush the toxins)
  • Aloe Vera (shock therapy would be great)
  • Burdock Tea
  • 3 Apples or applesauce
  • MMs cranberry water
  • Papaya blended with CJ
  • Ginger lemon honey water
Good to note: If you experience bloating in normal life (outside super clean eating or cleansing) then bloating is most likely caused by "fat/protein causing liver burnout... weakening stomach glands and hydrochloric acid." (CTH, 492) 

It's also important to understand that if you are experiencing bloating (as a healing reaction or in normal life) along with any sort of vaginal/vulva/bladder/urethra issues, please assume that they are related. I talk about this in depth on post 3 section 9A and 9AA. Also on post 9 when I experienced this in my own life.




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