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Here is another post to help you begin MM BASICS: START HERE

If you are new to Medical Medium information and you just found my blog, this post contains specific steps that I (your resident MM nerd) would recommend doing first. All of this is based on information published by Anthony William, Medical Medium and years of personal healing experience from my own life and others.

Step 1

Go to your refrigerator and take out the eggs. Then walk to the trash and toss them in.


I started healing by redesigning my morning routine. Why? It's important to start the morning strong because your liver starts it's cleansing process during the night and it needs to "take out the trash" in the morning. The recommendations below can help her do that.

I also like focusing on the morning cause if I "fall off the bandwagon" and eat a horrible NO food in the afternoon, I can still reflect on the day and feel accomplished that I had a strong morning. This is important cause this is a physical challenge and mental challenge as well. This is important cause most of your days for awhile (or a long time) won't be perfect and that's hard to accept for some, especially all you perfectionists out there. It's OK that your day isn't perfect! Some days will be better than others. Whatever happens... just keep going!


For most women, I wouldn't start with everything first. Why? Because when you are stressed your adrenals release adrenaline. This adrenaline is toxic to your body and will inflame everything you are trying to heal. So take a deep breath and take one step at a time. My motto is "progress over perfection" and "just eat a little better than the day before." So start with the morning and do as much as you can without making yourself nuts about it. If I had a spirit animal it would most likely be a turtle. Please don't overlook the accuracy of the gif below ;)

I learned that the exception to the "slow and steady" approach is learning to "ride the wave of pain" meaning if you are in lots of pain or in fear of pain, you will be amazed the healing you can accomplish and the discipline you will have. Your adrenaline is already rushing cause the fear of pain/pain is so overwhelming. I learned to NOT fight this wave, just ride this wave as long as you can. Just don't expect this type of motivation to last in the long run cause in my experience, once the pain stopped so did the motivation. Then I had to learn how to use the slow and steady approach.


Over the years, I have been to over 25 conventional doctors and 25 alternative doctors attempting to heal. I never found the help I needed. The most PIVOTAL piece in your healing is understanding what has been truly happening in your body for all these years. YOU NEED TO CONNECT THE DOTS OF YOUR HEALTH. If you don't have a simple understanding of what's really going on inside your body, it's going to be hard to "stick with it." The only way to do this is to dive into MM information.

I have a hard time finding time to read. I'm a mother of young children so it's also hard finding time to wash my hair. Sigh. I have learned 90% of my MM knowledge by listening. I listen while washing dishes, walking the dog, getting ready, etc. I have all his books on audio. I have listened to his radio shows, podcasts, videos, etc. Honestly just listening to 1 hour of MM info each day really adds up quickly. (If you prefer reading... great! Just get it done!)

This is what I would listen to first. His online videos are great but I prefer the books on audio because the information is really condensed and to the point which is key cause there is a lot you need to learn. These are my favorites publications that I would start with

  • Medical Medium Revised Book
  • Cleanse to Heal Book(I skip the sections that list the cleanse and supplement details, etc and just read those when needed
  • Radio/Podcast Shows: MM has most likely published information on your specific ailment. Just google "Medical Medium" and your ailment. Or look it up on post 3 of this blog. Usually an MM blog post will appear and inside the post will include a link to a radio show.
  • Life Changing Foods Book - This book is not on audio but it's my favorite out of all of them. I'm probably in this book a few times a day, even now. I have it on my phone so I can look it up ailments easily. Each section explains the medicinal qualities of a specific food/herb and the ailments it heals. Between my children, myself and helping women, I'm in it a lot. I have another copy near my bath. I like to drink my tea, read a few pages and enjoy the hot water. It's my thing. I'll probably writing an entire post of this book.
  • Liver Rescue Book

LINKS: Medical Medium | Listen on SoundCloud
Medical Medium Podcasts
Medical Medium by Anthony William | Audiobook |


REMOVING THE "NO FOODS" WITHOUT GOING CRAZY Just a warning, removing NO foods is a process. You are probably going to eat some horrible food that's gonna make your vagina scream and it's gonna suck. This flare is going to be different than your previous flares though because this time YOU WILL KNOW WHY YOUR VAGINA IS ON FIRE. That's important. These flares will help you link your pain to the foods that hurt you and those foods will start to lose their power over you. It's a hard process, I'm not gonna lie. What I want to do is to help you release the guilt that you will feel. Once you start to connect the pain to the food, you can start letting go of your addiction. And yes, I said addiction. Everyone on the planet has a food issue of some sort.

Most of us are addicted to foods that hurt us. Why? Cause these viruses feed on these bad foods. So when you start to remove these bad foods, the pathogens actually release chemicals in your body to make you crave these foods again. (Per Liver Rescue or Cleanse to Heal Book... shoot, I forget which one ;) So be prepared for a bumpy ride. There's an emotional reason too so I highly recommend you reading MM's Cleanse to Heal book to understand the full picture.

The best piece of advice I can give you about removing the NO foods is to stop focusing on the NO foods (eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, etc). For example, if I told you to not eat a chocolate cupcake. What are you thinking about? A chocolate cupcake. Why? Cause you brain does NOT hear the word "no." It doesn't hear negatives. It thinks in pictures and visualizations. (I'm pulling from psych research here). FOCUS ON THE FOODS THAT HEAL YOU. So the faster you find recipes that you actually enjoy eating, the easier this process becomes. Should I repeat that, just in case you missed it? The faster you find recipes that you actually enjoy eating, the easier this process becomes. Visualize each morning what you will be eating that day. Make a list of your food plan for the day. Visualize what times you will start preparing each mean, etc.

Here is a list of the foods to avoid. Personally, I recommend removing one food at a time. The first ones on that list would be eggs, immediately. Then dairy, then gluten, corn, so on. Medical Medium: Foods To Avoid For Healing Chronic Illness

If you eat a NO food... that's OK! I repeat, that's ok! But don't wait till the next day to start again. Start again in an hour. Should I repeat that so you will remember? Don't wait till the next day to start again, start again in an hour. Have some lemon honey water to start flushing things out and go find a piece of fruit.

Here is a great suggestion from Crystal who is a member on our Facebook VWMM group:

"There was one thing I would add that isn't really touched upon.....and that is "Replacement." It can be really hard to "give up" all these no-foods. I didn't really start giving them up completely until I learned to find a replacement. Before I found replacements, it seemed all I ate was vegetable soup and salad. I actually hated cooking, and I hated eating because the food was just plain boring soup every day. It was actually quite depressing for me. But once I learned to replace eggs in my baking with mashed bananas, things got interesting! I started experimenting with all sorts of ideas to "replace" what I was giving up. I make some epic fails that turn out horrible, but some things turn out amazing (even better than the original recipe sometimes). And sometimes it doesn't turn out like it is supposed to, but it is really good anyway. This replacement and experimentation brought back a joy of eating again. That is really important when you are struggling with health and pain. Not only that, but my family and friends don't mind eating my food. My partner has now given up eggs, wheat, and fats before dinner. When he saw me eating soup every day, he was like "no way I am gonna do that! I don't need to do it." He is slowly adding more and more MM protocols these days. He still eats dairy, but that is the only no-food he still eats! So adding those replacements can be a game changer for yourself and your family! And I would add, get a notebook to write recipes down that you experiment with and replace ingredients. So many times I made something awesome, but I didn't write it down, so I forgot the next time I went to make it! Now I keep a notebook with dividers for different types of food (desserts, soups, sides, salads, etc). I write it down immediately after I taste it (if it turns out good). Anyway, I think that is part of the process of giving up these no foods. I don't miss them at all once I started doing replacements!

I make oatmeal cranberry cookies without oil, and I use mashed bananas instead of eggs. In fact, all my baking I use mashed bananas in place of eggs! I just google a cake or cookie recipe, and I replace eggs with mashed bananas. I replace a little coconut oil (usually no more than 2-3 tsp) for butter. I use a gluten free flour instead of wheat flour....just add more liquid since gf flour needs more. I still use organic raw sugar, but you can replace sugar with molasses, date syrup, maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar. I also make veggie fritters with chickpea flour and eggs! So just experiment."


Another piece of advice is to treat your food/sugar/salt cravings not as a personality weakness but an ailment by itself. Your liver might not be strong enough to store glucose leaving you hungry all the time (Cleanse to Heal, Mystery Hunger page 502). You might have a lot of heavy metals heating up your brain making your crave sugar all the time (glucose cools down the brain) so you might need more fruit/glucose than other people till you get rid of the metals. If you are craving salt, then you most likely need more mineral salts (celery juice, leafy greens). I find when I start craving fat it usually means that I didn't eat enough calories that day. MM has another great chapter on cravings in Life Changing Foods book.

Here are the foods from LCF book that heal cravings:

Foods that heal cravings: apricots, cherries, cranberries, sprouts

Foods that heal sweet cravings: red clover, sprouts, pears You could start the day with cherries in your smoothie or red clover tea. Sprouts in your salad. Pears or pear sauce (blended pears). Dried apricots in your purse. MM's cranberry water.


Medical Medium has a lot to say about fat. The liver is responsible for processing fat. One of your main goals is to heal your liver, read this post to understand why. If you are trying to heal the liver, you should reduce your fat intake. Reducing fat in your diet increases the oxygen in your blood. Reducing fat allows the medicinal foods/herbs/supplements to travel throughout your body to heal you. More importantly it allows the toxins you have uprooted to quickly leave your body. You want those toxins to exit as fast and easily as possible. Always remember, animal protein contains more fat than we realize. Those are the basics.

My advice to you is if you are just starting to incorporate MM protocols then focus on just reducing fat in the morning. That's it and that's great! Some people like to immediately remove all fat. This is amazing but I think that is too difficult for someone who was eating omelettes last week. MM burnout is real and I'm trying to help you avoid that. Right now, I don't want to overwhelm you. When you get overwhelmed, you adrenals kick in adrenaline. That adrenaline is toxic to you and works against healing. So... this journey needs to be full of lots of compassion and patience for yourself. Take it step by step.

You have plenty of other things to focus on. Focus on finding meals you enjoy that don't include the NO foods. Focus on targeting your current ailments. Focus on the supplements, CJ, HMD, etc. Filling your diet with these things will naturally reduce your fat intake. Most people don't like to hear this but I healed vaginal burning while still eating meat later in the day. I don't suggest doing this (I'm sure it slowed me down) but it's not the end of the world.


I absolutely love this excerpt. Super simple but also super powerful. "Since you're your own health EXPERT now, you're the one in the best position to evaluate which of the foods to come speak to your condition and symptoms. If you want to add all of them (MM recommendations for a specific ailment) go for it!  If you want to take a more measured, realistic approach, think about PICKING THREE FOODS to concentrate on in your first week. Clip the list to your fridge as a reminder to bring a SIZEABLE SERVING OF EACH into your diet every day. The next week, pick three more... This is not about eating a leaf of lettuce here or a slice of apple there. In order to see changes, you'll want to make sure you bring these healing foods into your life IN QUANTITY." Anthony William, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing, page 140.


  • Lemon water upon arising (using filtered water) - your liver is too sick to process toxins and fight viruses. If you are sick and in pain, it means these things have escaped the liver and are now in your blood stream. Lemon water every morning helps the liver flush the toxins that it has processed during the night. (Note: for those fighting UTIs, MM has warned the lemon can be an abrasive healer so if it increases pain, start with ginger water instead) Lemon Water 101 | Medical Medium 101 Medical Medium: Ginger Water

  • Filtered clean water - the vagina, urethra and butt are the main detox pathways your body uses to expel these poisons. Unfortunately for us, these are the main areas our body needs to heal. I figured out pretty quickly that quality of water impacts us more than others who are trying to heal. I wrote an entire post about it here

  • Celery juice  - just consider this a daily routine now like brushing your teeth. 

  • Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (at least 5 days a week) - all of our various vagina ailments have the following thing in common... a struggling liver. The liver struggles because it has bombarded by too much adrenaline, too many pathogens and too much toxins/heavy metals. One of it's many jobs is to clean our blood from toxins and such and it's too overburdened to do this. Hence, we need to start removing the toxins/metals to heal the liver. 

    • Heavy Metal Detox 101 | Medical Medium 101

    • Note: I hate dulse, so I just take the dulse tincture listed in his supplements page. If you have a bad aversion to cilantro, I recommend making a very small glass of cucumber/cilantro or OJ/cilantro juice and shooting it like you're at a bar ;) 

  • Low Fat Mornings - your liver is responsible for processing fat. Again, you're try to give your liver a break so it has the bandwidth to clean up your blood and such. When you have more fat in your blood there is less oxygen in your blood as well. Try to eat low to no fat till noon in the beginning. As you progress push that first fat till 4pm. The question becomes.... then what do I eat? It looks something like this... 

    • Pre-Breakfast - B12, lemon water, celery juice

    • Breakfast Options (I usually have two of these options by noon)

      • HMDS

      • Fruit smoothie with leafy greens

      • Blended melon with frozen pineapple (love this one)

      • Oatmeal with fruit

      • Sweet potato bowl (see post 18)

      • Steamed salted potatoes then fried in coconut oil with herbs (yes there is fat in this but it's better than eggs ;) It's a good transition recipe)

    • Lunch Options (examples below)

      • Steamed salted potatoes with roasted tomatoes (see post 18)

      • Winter squash plain or soup next to salad

      • Salad with homemade dressing (little to no oil)

  • Basic Supplementation - please take the time to read about each of these and why it's necssary and foundational

  • Zinc - according to MM if we all had more zinc in our bodies we wouldn't be so sick. The zinc was destroyed in our food by all the environmental pollutants. So the best thing we could do (and I wish I had done) was start getting zinc into our bodies as fast as possible. If was in pain I would be repeating rounds of zinc shock therapy.

TARGETING SPECIFIC AILMENTS When I was sick and in pain, I found that I would experience the fastest results by incorporating SPECIFIC Medical Medium recommendations for my SPECIFIC ailments. I call this "targeting" and I have attempted to gather MM's specific recommendations for vaginal ailments on post 3. I figured out pretty quickly that even if I targeted my symptoms accurately and forgot to keep up with one of the FOUNDATIONAL MM STEPS my ailments would NOT heal. So the first thing to do in this process, is to tackle THE BASICS above. I wrote about targeting on post 17.

MM STAGES Anthony William recommends that same stages of healing in his Cleanse to Heal book which explains these steps outlined in different cleanses.

  • The first step would be to begin the Anti-Bug Cleanse which basically requires you to work on removing the foods that feed these viruses/bacteria. 

    • 16 ounces of celery juice upon waking

    • Drink 4 glasses of water a day

    • Remove troublemaker foods

      • Don't be fooled by this step. Removing the NO foods (eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, etc.) is a hard step. I recommending doing one by one and focus on replacement rather than removal. For example, if you have eggs for breakfast, try to find a filling breakfast that you ENJOY rather than just focusing on what you are NOT eating for breakfast. Explore recipes: sweet potato bowl, oatmeal with wild blueberries, breakfast potatoes, oat blueberry pancakes, etc. These recipes won't be perfect but that's not the goal. Your goal at this point is to remove EGGS, that's it. You'll graduate to a no fat breakfast later.


      • Medical Medium: Medical Medium Anti-Bug Cleanse

  • The second step would be to graduate to the Morning Cleanse

    • 16-32 ounces of lemon water upon waking (review my post on clean water)

    • 16-32 ounces of celery juice, 15-30 minutes after lemon water

    • No radicals fats till noon

    • No dried fruit or salt in the morning

    • Lots of fresh fruit in the morning

    • 16 ounces of water in morning

    • Medical Medium: Medical Medium Morning Cleanse

  • The third step would be to graduate to Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse which means you can incorporate it into the Anti-Bug Cleanse or the Morning Cleanse or the 369 cleanse. See chapter 17 for more information. Medical Medium: Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse

When you first find Anthony William info, start by removing some of the NO foods, replacing your water source, adding more fruits and veggies into your diet, etc. Eventually though, to reach the finish line (probably) you'll need to graduate to the 369 Cleanse. We are finding that this is the most direct route to healing and pain relieve which is why we created the Facebook group above.

If you are reading this and would like to “jump in” I would recommend reading the Cleanse to Heal book by Anthony William. Going forward, I will be recommending the 369 Simplified Cleanse plus incorporating the foods that heal your specific pain type. If you don’t know how to find these foods and herbs you can look them up in post 3 or in the book titled Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. (I love having it on my phone) You will also need to change your water source if you want it to work, see post 14. I’ll be writing a post about this shorly and updating a bunch of my previous posts incorporating the 369 Simplified Cleanse. Basically, I’ve learned that those of us who have healed went through a strict “cleanse” stage. For some of us, it took time to heal but for others it was a relatively short period. Now that Anthony William has written about cleanses in depth, I’m hoping we can use his cleanse protocols more efficiently to shorten women’s battles.

ANGELS - You don't have to heal alone
I'm sure you assumed I couldn't get any stranger. Haha! You're wrong. I'm about to jump on board the woo woo train and not look back. Let's talk about angels. MM has a lot to say about angels and honestly so do I. When I healed the bulk of my most painful ailments, MM communities really didn't exist. This was a few years before he started writing books. I would listen to his Hay House radio shows and read his blog and pray. I always believed in God. I have a BA in Theology so I know more than some. The discovery of my green drink that would always alleviate my pain, I still consider a miracle.

So when MM started talking about angels, I wasn't super surprised. I was already listening to a guy who hears the voice of Spirit, so why not?! I figured it couldn't get any weirder. 

The main thing I want you take away from this section is that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Crying in the bathroom, stuck in bed, holding back the anguish on your face while you talk to others... you are not alone, you have never been alone. 

According to MM, when working with angels, they have a hard time hearing our requests because our minds are so busy. So just whisper under your breath their name and your request for help. The problem is that they can’t intervene unless you give them permission. So just be honest with them. Tell them how you are feeling. Give them permission to intervene, they love you and they desperately want to help. They really helped me while I healed.

I'm from the Christian protestant tradition in America and I was a bit uncomfortable with asking angels for help because protestants rarely talk about angels compared to Catholicism or other Christian denominations. (I'll refrain from going into boring church history here) This honestly doesn't make much sense cause angels are mentioned all over the bible. So for years, I would pray to God along with the name of the angel. That worked great. Wild stories. 

If you are new to this whole angel idea... don't expect lightening bolts. I have found most of the time it's slight nudges that most people would ignore. Sometimes, yes, they can kick you in the ass to get things going but most of the time, it's a whisper, a nudge, a quick inspiration, a coincidence or thought, very small moments... the trick is to be looking for these things as well.

Also... if you don't recognize a hint, don't worry, they will keep hitting you over and over with it till you get it. For example, when I was helping a woman I recommended licorice root for her ailment because it targeted all her symptoms. She responded "that's funny, I almost bought licorice root the other day. I was drawn to it at the grocery store but I didn't get it." Her moment at the grocery store was the first nudge, my recommendation was the second nudge. She probably would have received a third nudge. By the fourth of fifth nudge a clerk might accidentally drop it on her head in the store... so watch out. Take action when nudged.

I'm incredibly dense at times and have gone for months receiving a few nudges daily before I act. 
Turns out God and angels are very patient. Thankfully. It's also good to know, that sometimes an answer to a prayer can be "no" or "not now" and those answers are the hardest to accept. Deep breaths everyone. It's also good to know simple prayers are powerful. Lengthy prayers are powerful. Emotional prayers are powerful. Using visual imagery (my favorite) in prayers are powerful. They are all powerful. A few of my most powerful prayers consisted of a simple one sentence plea for help. That's it. That's all. Don't underestimate any of them.

Here are my favorites who really helped me:

  • Angel of Faith - helps boost your faith... she's a good one to start with especially when you are just starting this process
  • Angel of Provision - helps route food to people who need it, she’s amazing! I once couldn't find wild blueberries in Ireland. I asked for help a few times and found the phone number of a person who delivered me a gigantic box of berries on my doorstop by the next day for a fraction of the cost. "He just happened to be in my area" Wild!
  • Angel Enrichment - enhances the nutrition of the food when you eat it
  • Angel of Insight - helps inspire you to stay on track eating well, she’s also helpful when attempting to find the right protocol. She's great when you are having trouble feeding your grumpy toddler. I'm sure she's responsible for most of the recipes on post 18 ;) 
  • Angel of Mercy - loving her right now, most powerful angel in your darkest hour
  • Angel of Wisdom & Angel of Knowledge - I work with them a lot cause I'm always jumping into help women figure out their protocols. I like to ask for their help together, cause angels can work as a team, per MM. They help with making decisions.
  • Angel of Healing - helps you find temporary relief, call on others to help you heal yourself  
  • Unknown Angels - don’t underestimate them, they are powerful. They are great when you have no idea who to ask for help. 

    Medical Medium: Life-Changing Angels
    Medical Medium: Essential Angels


Quest for Healing Podcast | Carefully Healing - This is an amazing story. It has nothing to do with the vagina but it will change how you approach healing yourself.

A Simple Plan for Beginners following Medical Medium® | Muneeza Ahmed (MM coach)

Podcast: Quest for Healing, 11 Things to Know Before You Start On Your Medical Medium Health Journey


  1. This is such a wonderful tool, thank you for writing this. I wish I would had started out slow. My progress went down hill with the adrenals. I burnt them out real quick so the EBV and neurological symptoms took over. I am 1 year in fully committed and have been FF since April 2021. I hope this is the year I move the needle. I want to heal so I can help other heal through MM info. I am currently in IIN to be a health coach :) Thank you for all your work and suggestions.

    1. Thanks for posting such a sweet comment! I really appreciate the feedback and support. You can do this love!

  2. This post is so full of wisdom, experience and provides all the necessary MM resources on these pages. What a gift you have given to beginners, seasoned MMers and those looking to nip their symptoms. You make it light, doable and fun Sarah!🙏🏼

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for posting such a nice compliment. I hope it all helps!


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