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Success Stories... It's not just me

When I was drowning in pain my mind struggled to find hope. I didn't know anyone else who suffered this way. I didn't know of anyone else who was healed. If you're deep in pain and your suffering is the only thing you can see, anchor your hope in these stories. Let these stories of hope give you the strength to try again. Don't give up ladies!

The women below and myself followed the protocols taught by Anthony William to heal. Yes these stories are real. I have spoken to each one of them and asked if they could share their story. Many of them are written by the women themselves. 
If you have a healing story of your own that you would like to share, please email

Me (Sarah) from California & Ireland            
My own healing story is on post 3 and 9. I was also interviewed for Quest for Healing Podcast where I tell my healing story. There is a link to that interview on post 3.

Rena from United States (New York) - Rena has been a member of our Facebook group since before it's inception. In 2022, she gave an interview with the Quest for Healing podcast. In this interview she discusses "how she recovered from a myriad of symptoms that non-rashing shingles caused for her, including eczema, pain in her face, mouth and jaw, gut issues, back pain and vaginal issues as well.  We delved into what worked well for her and how important the food and cleansing has been, as well as her ups and downs - plus, a common but little-talked-about issue with shingles." Quest for Healing Podcast | Carefully Healing

Christy from Australia
Christie’s pain started in 2017. Prior to this she would get bouts of thrush. This time she was treated for bacterial vaginosis. Her doctor prescribed her antibiotics but it didn’t go away. This was the beginning of her many rounds with antibiotics and products like monistat. She went to 3 more doctors to get different opinions. They recommended no tight clothing. They said it would eventually go away. It didn’t.

Her vagina was in pain and dry. It would burn, tingle, swell and she would have discharge. The only relief she would experience was during menstruation when all her symptoms would vanish then return once again and last till her next period. They would peak during ovulation. This went on for a year. She tried probiotics and inserting garlic. 

She lives in the outback in Australia and it took 12 hours (round trip) to reach the nearest gynecologist. The gynecologist ran lots of tests, including blood work. According to their tests, everything looked fine. She painfully drove to him three times and on the third round she found my blog.

Christie said she read it about 20 times. She read the Success Stories (post 10) over and over again. She was convinced if other women healed, so could she. She joined the Vulva Warrior group on Facebook. She bought the Anthony William’s Medical Medium book. Two days later she found out she was pregnant. (Bam… plot twist!) 

Her entire story in on this post listed below. It's a long read but a good one. Long story short... she healed, she gave birth to her son who is around 3 now ;) 
Christie's Success Story: Healing V While Pregnant (

Claire from Vulva Warriors MM Facebook Group
"I had BV (bacterial vaginosis) for almost 20 years. After a few months of strictly following basic MM suggestions (celery juice, morning cleanse, no no foods, HMDS, 369 cleanses), it diminished to the point where the bad smell was only present at the end of my periods. Not sure when it completely went away, but it was within a year of starting. Our healing journeys are all so different and non-linear and my understanding is that BV can take a long time to go away. I used aloe water regularly and sometimes just ate the filet pieces. I upped my celery juice to 32 oz. pretty quickly. I took the basic supplements (zinc, micro c, lysine, lemon balm, cats claw). At this point, because I am still working on other strep issues, I have added amla berry powder, goldenseal (pulsed 2 weeks on/2 weeks off), oil of oregano, and other supplements that I don’t think are necessarily specific to strep so won’t list them all! Just stay focused on MM suggestions and your body will come into balance. Blessings on your vulva and your whole being!"
*Her comment is posted under Francesca's post in our Vulva Warrior MM group on June 21, 2022

Allison from California                                                                                             
I first spoke with Allison when she was 2 months pregnant. She was struggling with frequent urination, external irritation around the vagina, burning inside the vagina and externally, pelvic pain, lower back pain and inflamed nervous system. She started with lemon water 3x a day, celery 2x a day, raw honey, avocado, dates, spirulina, fruit, esther C, b12, zinc, nettle leaf, lemon balm (not much lemon balm or nettle cause she was pregnant) barley juice grass. Drinking water only from Berkey. By the time it came for her daughter to arrive Allison had eliminated most of these issues and was able to give birth vaginally.

“I am reaching out because I am interested in continuing to work with you. You helped me tremendously during my pregnancy to feel better. I literally couldn’t have done it without you. My burning symptoms in vulva have lessened significantly to the point that it only burns ever so slightly every now and then for a few moments - maybe once every week or so... I would also love to learn how to best support my little girl with her immune system and perhaps hear what you do to support your little girl.” Email quote from Allison, August 2019.

LESSON: Water, Celery Juice Twice a Day, Raw Honey
In my conversations with Allison I learned that poorly filtered water could be a serious trigger for pain! She was improving on the protocol above but what tipped the scales was the water. She spent a weekend in Tahoe and the flares just stopped. She didn’t eat well on that trip and she was still fine. When she came back home, she had one glass of water from the tap and immediately had a flare. It’s the water! So she invested in a Berkey which is a water filter system. (I also have one) She also said the two things that made a big difference was drinking celery juice twice a day and raw honey.

I also experienced a reduction in my pain when I switched to extremely filtered water but at the time I didn’t know about Berkey. Berkey filters are expensive. So if you’re not sure if you want to invest your money, first try Reverse Osmosis water. This process removes everything. Everything. But this isn’t a permanent fix! Reverse osmosis water also removes minerals your body desperately needs so don’t drink it too long. Just long enough to see if if clean water makes a difference in your pain. I also experienced a reduction in my pain when I drank green drinks multiple times a day.

Kathy from Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing & Health Coach
Kathy is a health coach and one of the admins for our FB group. She defeated lichen scelorsus and speaks openly on this podcast about how her journey and how she healed herself. Lichen causes a lot of itching, burning, scarring, and distress. Her recommendations are in post 3, section 3. She also gave a great interview here: 
Quest for Healing Podcast | Carefully Healing 

JJ K Tree from Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing (co-founder)
This is a Facebook post written by one of the co-founders of the Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing Facebook group. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to healing physically and emotionally. I have been so grateful for her expertise and friendship. This is definitely worth the time to read!

"Healing Update from a group founder! Let’s talk nerve pain, let’s talk plateauing, let’s talk high level herb protocols, let’s talk liver cleansing!!!

Hi all! In the past three plus years of doing Medical Medium protocols, vulvovaginal issues that plagued me over the previous 15 years have one by one dropped away (chronic candida, chronic inflammation, severe vulvar, anal, groin itching, severe vulvar/vaginal soreness internally and externally, prickling, and more). The relief was immense, but the remaining symptoms were hard to crack, especially pelvic nerve pain. I once told Sarah that my nerve pain was like sitting on a spiky ball. It also extended into tightness and spasms in my groin muscles and tailbone, and produced its own kind of itching! I could not get this pain to go fully away and was at a 1-3 pain level (out of 10), sometimes flaring to a 4-5 with sex or prolonged sitting. It was bearable compared to the pain I had before, but I was dying to get to the bottom of it.

So, I decided to take a year off of trying to conceive to take stronger herbs (and higher doses), and to try to make my vagina as happy as possible. My protocol had been highly consistent with avoiding No foods, lots of targeting foods/herbs, and many many 369 cleanses. So that was my foundation for going further with herbs/supplements. As I slowly started to take higher doses of herbs, I intermittently got small shingles rashes on my hand. Sometimes I would see a correlating decrease in nerve pain. I enlisted the help of Amber Vizzaccaro (healwithamber) to help me develop a full protocol. We had three sessions in six months, and I went full on into a high-level shingles protocol (more on what that entailed later). I did two more cleanses. By the end of summer 2021 the nerve pain started to let up. I slowly backed off of the high-level protocol (I could only sustain the intensity - cost and energy-wise - for 6 months), and my symptoms seemed better, but still somewhat up and down.
I started some bodywork for nerve pain (DM me) and kept going with high doses of prioritized supplements. I also did a 32 oz shingles buster juice as often as I could and cleanse days on Fridays, unless I was traveling. On Fruit Fridays as I called them, I ate as much raw fruit, greens, and veggies as I could (a lot of smoothies), and sweet potatoes in the evening. Lastly, I started leaning into some deeper liver support with glutathione and milk thistle (a teaspoon of ground seeds in my smoothies). The nerve pain and related symptoms, my friends, have almost completely abated. I wanted to share this update to show you – that we can make amazing progress, we can plateau, and we can still turn new corners in healing. Don’t give up. I’m at a 0-1 level of all forms of discomfort everyday now. 

Over these three plus years doing MM, symptoms have dropped one by one, but they were in layers. Even still, I know there are layers. Going strong with supplements, in my opinion shouldn’t be our first step – the foods, targeted for our symptoms, CJ, HMDS, caring for the adrenals, and liver cleansing should be first. But if you are plateauing, chat with us here or talk with a practitioner to brainstorm. Look at AW’s book Cleanse to Heal – pick your worst symptom, and slowly build up your doses and herbs/supplements. There are so many ways to heal, find yours!!

We can do this – even if it seems impossible. Keep going!"

My Vulvodynia Journey and Cure – Kelly Vuong                                            
(This is personally written by Kelly) If you’re reading this, you’re probably suffering from vulvodynia like I once was.  And like me you have probably been to numerous doctors and gynecologists, hoping that one would have a cure.  I was there once too.  I suffered from unprovoked vulvodynia.  My pain was a constant burning pain, and at certain times during my cycle it would get worse.  I saw all the doctors- gynecologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, urologists, and gastroenterologists.  I went to the National Vulvodynia Association website and looked up the best gynecologists in Houston.  Some doctors were willing to help more than others, offering numerous creams and/or suppositories, from either samples of new medicines being offered or having creams specifically made for me in laboratories.  Since no doctor really knows how to help with this condition, they gave me all the things from Diflucan, Metronidazole, Lidocaine Jelly, Clobetasol Ointment, Tacrolimus Ointment, Liquid Lidocaine, Novacort, Estrace, Nortriptyline, Xanax, Gabapentin, Lyrica, Lexapro.  One doctor even suggested a skin biopsy taken from my labia (worst pain of my life and I have a high pain tolerance).  One doctor said my skin looked like it had eroded away.  Trusting these doctors I took some of these prescriptions for a day or two, having all kinds of crazy side effects I stopped them immediately.  

Still searching for answers and out of desperation, I even flew out to Arizona to see Dr. Fowler.  Dr. Fowler prescribed me with Terazol, Clindamycin, and Estradiol, saying that I would need to be on this estrogen suppository for the rest of my life to fix my issues.  Something about how he said that just didn’t sit right in my gut.  I wanted to heal but I didn’t want to be on medications for the rest of my life covering up the symptoms.  I didn’t know how I was going to heal at the time, but I was determined to keep looking for a solution. 

While searching for answers online, I finally came across the following resources:

  • Sarah's blog- My Vulvodynia Cure. Now she also has a page on Facebook called Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing which is an awesome resource (that wasn’t around when I was healing).
  • Medical Medium’s book – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses and How to Finally Heal.
  • Laura Lehrhaupt- she has an amazing free ebook with lots of suggestions on how to heal the body naturally and she also has a group on Facebook called Vulvodynia CURING it Naturally with Laura.
  • Naturopathic Doctor – this helped some with healing the body as a whole but it was really the first three things I listed that helped me the most.
The main thing I took from these resources was that healing was possible.  Yes, many times it felt like I wasn’t making any progress.  It felt like I was taking 2 step forwards and then 4 steps backwards.  I know its hard but try to have some hope that you will keep moving forward.  The hard thing about healing is that it isn’t linear but if you keep at it you will make progress.  Like I said above, I had unprovoked vulvodynia resulting in constant burning pain on my labia.  I am not for sure exactly what caused my vulvodynia, but I believe mine was caused by a lot of things that just built up over the years and started to wreak havoc on my body.  I was on birth control for many years, Bactrim from the dermatologist for acne (which destroyed my gut), I was highly stressed at the time, adrenal fatigue, too many heavy metals in my system, my body was in toxic overload, and tight muscles (from Crossfit).  According to Medical Medium acne is caused by Streptococcus and Epstein Barr Virus and I could possibly have had vaginal shingles too (which is possible to have without a rash).  All these virus’ feed on heavy metals, which is no surprise in today’s environment, that everyone has these to some degree in their body and needs to detox.  I know I had lots of heavy metals in my system because I had a hair analysis test done by my naturopathic doctor.

How I Healed-
1. I removed the recommended “no foods” from my diet – these included corn, soy, canola oil, processed beet sugar, eggs, dairy, pork, farmed fish, gluten, msg, natural flavors, artificial flavors, and citric acid. I know this seems hard but try to focus on what you can eat instead of what you can’t eat. I enjoy cooking so I looked at this as a challenge to see what  I could make with the foods I could eat.
2. Warm water with lime to flush the body every morning on an empty stomach.  You could also do lemon but that made me burn more. Try to figure out what works best for your body. 

3. Celery Juice – I drank this almost every day after my lime water. 
4. Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (Medical Medium)- this was a
    must for me, my body craved it.
5. Thyme Tea- This helped my body heal so much.
6. Supplements recommended by Medical Medium (these are the ones I took) *B-12, Zinc, Lemon Balm, Nettle Leaf, Cats Claw, Vitamin C, Oregano, Monolaurin, and L-Lysine.

7. All the Greens- greens helped lessen my burning. From green juices to green smoothies to asparagus and spinach soup. 
8. All the Fruit – bananas, mangos, papaya, wild blueberries, strawberries, dates, avocados, and cucumbers.
9. Fresh Coconut Water

10. Potatoes! Potatoes! Potatoes!
11. Low Fat Diet - it enables the body to detox and heal more effectively.  
12. Sitting in the Sun and Grounding
13. Filtered Water!

I know this horrible while you are going through it, but now looking back on it, I see it as a blessing.  I learned to appreciate how food can fight disease and heal the body so much that I became a certified health coach.  I also learned about getting rid of the toxins in other areas of my life such as in laundry soaps, cleaners, and cosmetics.  To this day I still follow the medical medium lifestyle and have been whole food plant based vegan for 1.5 years. 
Remember to take it slow, everyone heals and detoxes differently.  I know it’s not what you want to hear when you’re in extreme pain but in order to keep your sanity try not to do too much at once. 

I hope you’re able to get a little bit of hope from this and you can completely heal.  The body truly is amazing and is trying to heal if given the chance.  If you have any questions about my journey or the supplements I took or what I ate you can find me on Instagram @naturally_kelly

LESSON: Removing NO foods, lime water, celery juice, HMD smoothie, thyme tea, bikram yoga
From the stories I hear from women who have healed the same handful of things rise to the top: celery juice, removing NO foods, heavy metal detox smoothie, high veggie/fruit diet, nettle leaf, cat's claw, zinc. One new lesson I learned from Kelly was the power of fresh thyme tea. AW talks about the power of thyme in the Life Changing Foods book. He mentions that it's powerful against herpetic viruses (EBV is herpetic). It's great at crossing barriers healing neurological conditions. He recommends it specifically for PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) and strep, herpetic conditions. It heals many things actually. The other lesson I learned is lime juice. AW warns those with urethra pain to be careful with lemon because even though it could heal it might be painful as the toxins leave your body with lemon. But Kelly found that lime could heal but not cause her pain. That's a good thing to know!

I later spoke with Kelly about her healing. She said it took her 10 months to be pain free. She said that she didn't experience any pain reduction for the first 2 months.I was really impressed because honestly I'm not sure if I would have kept going. 
(It's important to note that she did mention that she had a difficult time removing the NO foods from her diet). In my experience, I could reduce a flare in 30 minutes and Candi (see her story below) she was pain free in two weeks. I have a really hard time when women ask me how long it will take them to experience pain reduction because of all these cases. Her pain was external burning on the skin and it was constant. She said that the only thing that relieved the pain was bikram yoga. I think it's important to note that.

Kelly also mentioned that when she was sick her gynecologist said it looked like her skin had eroded away and was really thin compared to how it should look. After she took all these measures to heal, her skin healed as well.

*This lesson section was written by Sarah

Chihling from Taiwan                                                                              

“I had pain outside my V and inside (doctor said the nerves of my V inside were swelling, burning sensation of my feet, chronic fatigue, pelvic pain, frequently UTI (burning sensation, and sensitive bladder not yet IC that level.) The pain level was about 6 at the time I found your blog, it was irritating...I started with the strep/ EBV protocol until now. Thank god I found your blog, you are an angel, if it had not been for you, I wouldn't have known how to start. If you want to know other detail, just tell me. I am willing to share the information and help others. And I will try golden seal then. So thankful for you.”

“I stop eating NO food and start with 16oz celery juice every morning (this only last 2 months since it's hard for me to get celery in my region), I eat A LOT of fruit as much as I can, especially wild blueberries and mango ( cause MM said mango is good for bladder, it's real and heal me but now it's the end season of mango in my region, I triple the Zinc what I had taken, I used to take 7.5mg per day and this also made big difference for my nerve pain.)”

“I also drink a lot of licorice tea, which is very accessible in Taiwan, I boil it for 15 mins, drink it whenever I want to drink water, I replace water with herbal tea, I can drink them for whole day. You can also change herbal tea kind next day, like cat's claw, nettle leaf.”

Chihling mentioned to me that she has been following this protocol for about 7 months and now only 5% of her pain remains. She’s almost there! (Chihling posted everything above on the Facebook Group Vulva Warriors, September 2019)

LESSON: The Power of Tea
I’ve started to recognize patterns in women who have healed themselves from vulvodynia. One of them is drinking copious amounts of tea. I had the same experience. Since I healed Anthony William mentions some great things about tea. First, heated tea is dehydrating so if you plan to drink lots of it, try to cold brew the tea. It’s less dehydrating. Second, don’t start off with lots of tea. Start slow and build up. Follow your body. Detox pain is real y’all! Please don’t rush this process.

Alex from Australia                                                                  

“Ladies, I did it!! After a year of constant yeast infection and pain, I’ve managed to get myself to a point where I’m feeling all better! I’m sure there will be some struggles along the way and that it probably won’t be my last one (I’m also dealing with graves disease). But a year of a constant infection! I can officially say my fruit fear is no longer!” (Alex’s post on Facebook Group Vulva Warriors, August 2019)

Alex suffered from itchiness, redness, general inflammation of the area and very sensitive, very easily cut, some discharge but not major.

  • “Okay so, I’ll start off with what I think helped me the most and that was...
  • Not cheating and eating more raw foods. I think that’s when I really noticed a difference.
  • Not eating any no foods and being strict with it. I’m also grain free and predominantly legume free as well! So just veg and fruit at the moment.
  • Taking b12, zinc. Just started goldenseal, liquorice root and nettle tinctures. I had already started healing before taking these but I was drinking a fair amount of herbal tea.
  • I am juicing not every day, but 4-5 days a week. When I do juice I usually have two juices a day. Celery and then cucumber, ginger, lemon and green apple.
  • Along with that I do all of the “right things. Eating lots of fruit in the morning. I usually have a smoothie with lots of fruit and then also Spirulina, wild blueberry powder and barley grass juice powder. Raw salad for lunch with low fat dressing. Lots of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Cooked food for dinner. Maybe a juice in the afternoon. Lots of papaya!!!! Lots of dates.
  • Other benefits of all of this is my skin had gotten a lot clearer and no more pimples. Less bloating. I’ve lost a little bit of weight. Just the right amount in my case.
  • Yeah... I mean, I still have a long way to go and I’m sure there will be hiccups! But it’s just nice to know I’m on the right track and that fruit and carbs are you friend.”
“And yeah, couldn’t have done it without the motivation of this page (Vulva Warriors Facebook Group)! I can’t tell you how many times I referenced your blog Sarah to just feel reassurance that it’s not just me and it’s possible to get better. It’s very hard to believe when things seem impossible at the time. Especially because with candida you’re doing literally the opposite of every other website on the internet would tell you to do! Eating lots of fruit and carbs, hahaha.”

LESSON: Not Cheating, Raw Foods, Power of Tea (again)
Alex’s story is a great example of how evil these NO foods can be. They are holding all of us back. If you find it difficult to cut these foods out of your diet start with just one and don’t just remove them out of your diet. Concentrate on what you will eat instead of the food you shouldn’t eat. For example, eggs. If you have eggs for breakfast, start exploring other breakfast options that you actually enjoy. (Smoothie bowl, sweet potato bowl, potato hash… just look them up on pinterest, there are so many good options)

Each piece of fruit and vegetable contains living healing water. This is one of the reasons Anthony Williams recommends adding lemon juice to water. It helps bring water back to life. The more raw fruit and veggies you’re eating, the faster you will heal. But please, don’t throw your liver into the deep end of the detox pool. Start off slow, be gentle. Remember how powerful these foods can be.

And once again, lots of copious tea is the winner! *Please read my notes on tea above

Candi from Florida                                                        
"I woke up 17 years ago with an irritation around the opening of my vagina. I had gone to bed perfectly normal, never even having had an infection. I assumed it was yeast, but didnt have an itch. Off to the gyn I went and my life then changed. I was diagnosed with BV (bacterial vaginosis), even though the doctor did not do a culture, and given Flagyl. It did not help so back I went, 4 times, and each time a new round of Flagyl. To this day I do not know why he gave me this if I didnt culture positive for BV. The doctor then informed me that I did not have an infection and he didnt know what to do to help me. The 2nd gyn I saw diagnosed me with vulvodynia and sent me to yet a 3rd Dr who was more familiar with this condition. He proceeded to do 2 rather painful and large biopsies on my vulva that turned out to show nothing but inflammation and left me scarred permanently. He sent me to Shands in Gainesville, Florida to see a so called V specialist and a script for an antianxiety medication. That medication would be one of many that I tried...Elavil, Prozac, Xanax, Klonopin to name a few as well as numerous antifungals, antibiotics, antivirals just to "try and see if they helped." They did not help. The specialist at Shands suggested since I was still young I should have another baby. I couldnt even have sex!! My parents found a local specialist in Tampa that informed me that my issue was musculoskeletal and prescribed the widely known Fibromyalgia medication Lyrica. It had awful side effects and no help with pain. It was soon after this that I got very sick with another mystery illness. I was dizzy, vomiting, hearing odd noises in my ears. My primary found nothing, the ER doctor found nothing. I couldnt walk. Couldnt eat or drink without vomiting so I stopped eating and only drank some Gatorade. After 3 weeks of this and still seeing doctors, I noticed my vulva did not hurt. The widespread body pain I had also acquired (along with fatigue) was nonexistent as well. A very young ENT diagnosed me with allergies and put me on Singulair and within 3 days my new mystery illness was gone.

I don’t recall I searched online, but found Laura L who runs the Facebook group, Vulvodynia Curing it Naturally. She explained vulvodynia to me like noone ever had and informed me it was a pH imbalance. I went on an alkaline diet and felt 90% better. I had a life again. When I hit 14 years with vulvodynia, at the age of 42, I became pregnant. The pregnancy did not increase my pain. I had 1 minor flare, but was eating badly and giving in to cravings. After the birth, I had to have surgery to fix a fallen bladder. My pain increased worse than it had ever been and my fatigue was off the charts. My new urogynecologist sent me to pelvic floor physical therapy which opened my eyes to mindfulness, how the pelvic floor works, referred pain. It did help me so much, but I was still in awful pain and so afraid. I requested a lyme titer for the fatigue and my doctor included a test for Epstein Barr Virus. I'd never had mono, so was shocked when it came back positive for past infection.

Sarah posted in Laura's facebook group the same week and I contacted her, bought the Medical Medium books and dove right in to doing the 28 day diet. My pain turned right around. I didn’t add in supplements until about 6 months in and only used what Sarah suggested to me based on my list of symptoms I messaged to her. It only took a few weeks for my pain to subside totally. I am pain free! My fatigue did return and my doctor did thyroid testing along with my yearly blood workup and I have hashimoto's. Anthony William is 100% accurate in his explanation of the Epstein Barr Virus. The hormone change during pregnancy and the physical trauma of surgery reactivated my virus which made my pain and fatigue worse and awakened the virus in my thyroid. I am now fighting thyroid symptoms and along with my sister in law, who was also diagnosed with Hashi and I introduced to Anthony William, we are certain we will heal from this as well. Thank God for the Medical Medium and for Sarah and her knowledge of his protocol. I can't recall the names of all of the doctors I saw, a dozen at least including Dr Fowler in Arizona, or the names of all of the medications I tried, but never again will I believe that vulvodynia has no cure. It does."

LESSON: 28 Day Diet (raw fruits and veggies)

The 28 day diet is the food protocol Anythony William explains in his first book Medical Medium. This diet is literally all raw fruits and vegetables. It’s amazing. It really does heal but as you can guess it’s ridiculously hard especially if you are currently eating a Standard American Diet. Although, if your vagina is burning like hell then the pain might help you get over the transition. I reduced my pain slowly and I didn’t do this diet until years later and even then I only lasted 7 days. That being said, please be careful. Detox pain is real, so I would read the Medical Medium book first and listen to the detox show before starting a full raw diet. If you want to start on something like this… try raw fruits veggies till noon. No fat till noon and only one animal fat in the evening if you still wanna eat meat. Less fat helps the liver heal.


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