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Essential: Changing Your Water Source

Why is water so important when healing a vagina? In my experience water is key, especially for those who are healing their vaginas/urethras. I'm guessing that the reason WATER QUALITY is so important for our group is because the urethra, vagina and butt hole are all main detox paths. Meaning that to heal these areas we need to remove the pathogens and toxins within our bodies which are causing our problems yet for these toxins and virus corpses to exit our bodies, they literally need to PASS THROUGH the areas that are ALREADY inflamed. Deep breaths. Since water naturally flushes toxins and debris out of us, it needs to be of good quality. Hope that makes sense. (MM has not stated this... I'm pulling this from my own experience and helping others heal)

This section summarizes MM's recommendations regarding water along with source location of his recommendation. For the water show link and a detailed section of these recommendations, just keep scrolling down.
  • Berkey Home Water Filtration System purifies the water and gets out metals, solvents, pathogens, viruses, fluoride (with extra filter) and chlorine, etc. This is the water system MM uses. (1hr9min mark) I have this one as well. I am not affiliated with this company and neither is MM. See more information below.
  • Spring Water is good. The only bad ones are those with additives or salt. Avoid the ones in cheap plastic. High in minerals.
    • MM recommends Mountain Valley Spring who delivers spring water to your house
    • When traveling MM recommends Volvic mineral water and Figi water
  • Reverse Osmosis purifies water. It still has some trace minerals and solids and can be revitalized with lemon/lime. (FB show 56min mark)
  • Distilled Water is not the greatest but not the worst (FB show 58min mark)
  • You can probably find another water home filtration system just make sure it removes all the things (1hr6min) like heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, etc. (MM book page 241)
  • Interesting note: put your water in a glass pitcher in the sun for 30 minutes and it will bring it back to life as well. 
  • Alkaline Ionized Water Machines are absolute SHIT and can hurt you. Don't use them.
Original Post
After I healed my vagina, I wanted to help other women who were still suffering. My conventional gynecologist told me to get online and start telling people my story. She had never seen anyone heal the way I did. Reflecting back, I’m realizing that I didn’t have a full understanding of why I healed when I started this blog. It wasn’t until I began coaching other women did I really learn which specific lifestyle and diet changes I had adopted were responsible for my healing. Changing my water source was one of them.

Allison’s Story
Allison’s complete story is on the Success Story post. She first contacted me when she was pregnant (I was pregnant as well at the time). She implemented many of the Anthony William protocols I recommend in this blog. Her pain decreased but not as much as we wanted it to.

She lives in the San Francisco area and took a short vacation to Lake Tahoe which is located in a remote forested area of California. She noticed the water was so much better and her pain significantly reduced even though she didn't eat great during the trip. When she got back home she had a glass of tap water and immediately started burning, even though she was using a Brita!

She eventually got a Berkey which is a water filter (information below). She kept doing all the AW protocols and by the time she gave birth she had eliminated most of these issues and was able to give birth vaginally. (If you are pregnant reading this post, please note that a pregnant protocol should only utilize foods to heal. You should NOT take most herbs and supplements while pregnant)

My Story
In my own story, I struggled not only with a burning vagina but with chronic UTIs and a burning urethra. When I was pregnant with my son (years before I found MM) I figured out that I had to drink extremely filtered water or my issues were substantially worse. My urethra would start burning if I drank more than two glasses of tap water. At this point I drank reverse osmosis water and years later, my sister gifted me a Berkey.

Bottled Water Still Hurts
I found that my vagina really liked the water from the Berkey and it was just as good as reverse osmosis. Then we moved from California to Ireland. It took 3 months to ship my Berkey. The best water I could find in the meantime was large plastic bottled water. After 2 months of drinking this type of water my vagina was getting irritated. It wasn’t painful but my vagina was not happy about the water source.

Berkey Home Water Filtration System
Finally, when my Berkey arrived, my vagina calmed down and was fine again within days. Then a few months later, the outside of my vagina was getting a bit irritated again. By this point, I have been healed for years so I expect my vagina to be in perfect health. She wasn’t in pain but I had to eat very clean for her to be happy. After I healed, I don’t have to eat perfectly. Yes, I have to eat cleaner than I did previously (which isn’t hard cause I ate horrible food prior to these protocols) but I don’t have to eat perfectly to have a happy vagina.

Then I realized that I had never changed the filters in my Berkey water filter and it had been more than 4 years. So I ordered new filters ($200… eek!) and within three days of drinking this cleaner water all my vaginal irritation was gone (no matter what I ate). Crazy!

My Suggestions
So I have only experienced pain relief with two water sources, reverse osmosis and Berkey water filters. (And no, I have no connections to Berkey. I should send a letter to tell them that my vagina really likes their water. Haha!) This is the only type of home filtration system that works for pain like ours that I have found. (It’s recommended by AW)

Anyway, when I coached women, I undersood that they have already spent thousands and some their entire life savings trying different protocols to heal their pain. So I suggest starting off with reverse osmosis water as a cheaper alternative than a home filtration system, Berkey. This way, there is a minimal investment and they will be able to see if their pain really does decrease on super clean water.

  1. Call around to your local health food stores and ask if they have reverse osmosis water. (If they don’t they might know who does carry RO) RO water usually comes from a large filter machine inside the store. People buy jugs to fill up their water for the week and carry them home.
  2. Try this for a few months. Be prepared for any water (other than RO water) to taste like chlorinated dirt. Start carrying around a water bottle because even the smell of tap water might start to repulse you.
  3. Most likely (fingers crossed) your pain will start to decrease, just based on clean water alone. It’s probably going to decrease slowly. At this point, your brain will argue that it’s just a coincidence and you’re making it up. It’s not. Tell your doubting thoughts to f#!k off. (Although this battle is really about hitting V pain from a bunch of different angles: veggies, fruit, herbs, water, removing foods, removing toxins, etc.)
  4. If you are drinking RO water for more than a few months, you’ll need to start adding the minerals back into the water. Your body still needs these minerals. Just ask your health food store. They have all the things.
  5. Eventually, the process of going back to the store to get water jugs is going to become annoying. Then SUPER annoying. 
  6. Stand in the mirror, notice how toned your arms look from carrying around all those water jugs? It’s the only thing you’ll miss once you buy a water filter.
  7. Buy a Berkey. So, you can do steps 1-6 or just skip all those steps and buy a Berkey.
If these suggestions help you please let me know! If you are reading my blog, then you probably already read my success story and the other success stories. These stories are extremely valuable. These stories give women who are lost in pain the strength to hope and try again to heal. Your story can literally save a life. Please share.

Links: (Berkey Ireland) (Berkey Australia) (Berkey UK)
There should be a Berkey dealer in each country. And no, again, I am not affiliated. I felt their affiliated program would undermine my recommendation. 

Here's another great resource: 

What Water is Best to Drink? SHOW NOTES
FB Video by Anthony William, Medical Medium
The minute marks are based on the time on left hand side of the screen.

Show Notes/Important Notes:

1. Alkaline Ionized Water Machines are VERY bad cause there is corrosion on metals plates in the system. It electrifies the water and kills the water. It's unstable water, it's dead water. (begins around 5-11min mark) Dead water can't kill us but it's not good for us (around 15:30 mark) Naturally occuring alkaine water (that fish like) is different from the water coming from these machines. The water from these machines is denatured. (around 17:30min) The body sees this type of water as foreign (around 18min) At homeopathic level of metals coming of the metal plates (28min) Metal water containers are ok and stainless steel cooking pot are ok because there isn't an electric current running through the metal, so those are safe (28:30min) He literally talks about Ionized Water Machines from 5min to 50min mark.

2.There are 3 forms of living water on the planet: (1) Water in an ocean, creek, spring, stream, river, etc. (2) Water in fruits, vegetables, herbs. Roots drew in rain water from the ground and grew a lemon. The live water gets filled into lemon. (3) Blood in humans and animals. (begins around 11min mark)

3. Whole House Water Filtration is ideal but very expensive. (50 min mark) You don't have to get a whole house system (52min) You'll need to listen to this section if you are considering it. I personally healed without whole house filtration... just FYI. Even with whole house filtration you will still need to bring your water "back to life" while adding lemon water. Plus lemons are high in calcium in it's natural state to heal teeth and such. The calcium balances out the Ph of water (53 min mark)

4. Reverse Osmosis is purified water and NOT dead water. (56min mark) It can be brought back to life with lemon or lime or orange (not as effective). RO can't demineralize you cause it still has some solids in there. Still has trace minerals and solids (57:45 min) 

5. Sun Water - put your water in a glass pitcher in the sun for 30 minutes. You can get sun on the water and it's really helpful. It brings it back to life. Add lemon makes it really healing. 

6. Distilled Water - it's not the greatest option but not the worst (58min) Still a purification method but not the greatest cause doesn't go through filter. (58:30min) It doesn't have a lot of minerals (less than RO water). Still can bring it back to life with lemon. Distilled is fine. "It's not gonna stop you from healing" (59min) Distilled water does remove minerals that are good for you so add a squeeze of lemon when drinking. (MM book page 241)

7. Spring Water - it's good. (1hr mark) The only spring water that is bad is the ones with additives or salt. Avoid cheap bottled spring water. Recommendation: Mountain Valley Spring delivers to your house. (1hr 1min mark) High in minerals. Minerals communication with minerals, so when you add lemon it really helps (1hr2min mark) For travelling he recommends Volvic mineral water bottle cause it's not in cheap plastic. Plastic is easy to remove out of the body. (1hr4min)  Figi water is another good option. (He is not affiliated with any of these)

8. "Water is not going to make or break your healing process" (1hr5min mark)

9. Berkey Water - purifies water and gets our metals, solvents, pathogens, viruses. It's fairly inexpensive. Also removes fluoride (need the fluoride filter), chlorine, etc. This is the water purifier that he uses. (I use this one as well) Make sure you change the filters when recommended (1hr9min)

10. You can probably find another water filtration system just make sure it removes all the things (1hr6min) 

11. Well water can be contaminated so be careful. City water has fluoride and chlorine. So just make sure to addres them. (1hr7min)


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