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Fighting Vulvodynia & Flu Viruses

When my son was around 1 we both kept getting sick. We would get the flu every 4 weeks and each time it would last 7 days. This went on for a year. It was so frightening to hold my baby son while he burned with a 102 fever. Of course doctors couldn’t help. A family member recommended Anthony William. I started incorporating some of his protocols and honestly the chronic flu pattern just stopped. Abruptly. I was nursing at the time and I just stopped getting sick. I’m assuming that finally my body was able to give my son antibodies and in turn, my son stopped getting sick. This was actually my first experience with Anthony William information.

Normally, I talk a lot about vaginas but for me this was my first experience with AW information. He recently published a virus protection PDF, so I wanted to share it. It’s free and it’s freakin gold. Also, you’ll notice that the same measures he recommends to fight flu viruses are similar to the protocols he recommend to fight chronic vaginal pain because vaginal pain is also caused by viruses. Yes, these viruses might be slightly different but how you combat each of them is very similar. *Please note that AW released this PDF around the time of COVID19 but he actually doesn't address COVID specifically. So I'm not sure if COVID19 is a flu strain or not. Just FYI.

 PDF Highlights:
  • Remove NO foods because these viruses feed on these foods (eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, etc.) 
  • Reduce fat so there is more oxygen in your blood (oxygen kills viruses) 
  • Supplements: Zinc, B12, Lemon Balm, Cat’s Claw, Llysine, MicroC, Spirulina, Mullein, Goldenseal, etc. 
  • Zinc shock therapy Zinc Shock Therapy (
  • Vitamin C shock therapy Vitamin C Shock Therapy (
  • Drinks: celery juice, cucumber juice, ginger water, healing broth, elderberry syrup, thyme tea, turmeric ginger shots 
  • Raw Garlic 
  • There is a section on anti-viral practices that I’ve never heard from him before

From my personal experience these things totally relieved my symptoms when I started to get sick:
  • Zinc, zinc, zinc, zinc... how much do I love zinc! Saved me so many times!
  • Removing chicken products around flu seasons
  • Eat buckets of fruits! No joke.
  • Reducing the fat I eat each day really did help
  • Celery juice: abruptly stopped a sore throat, dislodged mucus from my sinuses. If you're fighting a bad one, drink it morning and night. Slowly build up the amount you are drinking
  • Wild blueberry smoothie: great at dislodging mucus from my sinuses 
  • Turmeric Ginger Shot: this one totally saved me once. I was getting sick bad and I did this shot, I immediately felt nauseous then in 30 minutes all my flu symptoms vanished (fever, chills, sinuses) Crazy. Turmeric Ginger Shots (
  • Strong Salsa (heavy on the onion and garlic): this totally saved me once as well. I ate this 3x a day and all my flu symptoms vanished by the end of the day. I was doing all the stuff on this page but I was noticeably different after each serving of strong salsa.
  • Raw garlic in steamed potatoes 
  • Cat's claw can kill off the flu and calm down an angry vagina! Woot woot!
  • Thyme tea was essential in Kelly's vulvodynia battle

A few things that I felt he missed in this PDF is the importance of fruit, sleep and chicken:

  • Fruit works in conjunction with your immunity and white blood cells (per AW teleseminar on hormones and menopause) So lots of smoothies! 
  • Also, the few times I have gotten sick since I started following AW protocols were times when I was run down and tired. No amount of zinc or fruit or celery juice is going to make up for just being tired and worn down. If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, then dive into solving your sleep issues. It’s foundational in healing everything else. He has some great chapters on sleep in the Thyroid book and some radio shows about it. 
    • For those of us (like myself) who are just not disciplined about going to sleep at a decent hour, notice the tiredness comes in waves. If you don’t ride the wave of tiredness you might have to wait an hour or more till the next one hits you. This advice is just coming from my own personal experience. 
  • Chicken. AW argues that for viruses that cause PID/vulvodynia and the flu feed on eggs, dairy, gluten, etc. The flu virus specifically ALSO feeds on chicken. This was pivotal in my battle with chronic flus! When I removed the eggs and chicken products it honestly made the biggest difference. This is not mentioned in the PDF but it’s mentioned here.

Zinc: A Special Note
A long time ago he used to get callers during his radio show. Once a man called in and said he was getting chronic ear infections. AW said he had a severe zinc deficiency. AW recommended zinc 3x a day for at least 2 years. Years! I’m just now realizing that I have been neglecting my zinc most of this time. If I’m in pain or fighting a cold, I’ll take zinc. But I guess I should have been doing this daily. Just FYI. Zinc should be part of your daily routine, it will be for me probably the rest of my life.


I recommend to only buy these particular brands of supplements that Anthony William recommends. I have tried other brands and Anthony William was right, other brands don't work nearly as good or not at all as the ones he has personally picked. No one is getting paid for these recommendations, just FYI. The supplement market is full of crap, don't waste your money. He changed the brand he liked for zinc but I like the original brand he recommended.

Also, I prefer working with loose leaf tea rather than tinctures. I keep some tinctures in my purse when I'm in a rush.

*You might be wondering why I’m so adimate about AW. I’m not on his payroll, just FYI. I’ve never spoken with him. When I battled vulvodynia I saw 25 doctors and more than 25 alternative doctors. His stuff worked. Their stuff didn’t. Some things might have helped here and there but their protocols/medicines didn’t stop the cycle of pain and my other issues. I was sick for a long time.


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