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I beat this *!@#ing virus again! How I did it in 3 weeks while pregnant

I beat this *!@#ing virus again! (Please add your own expletives here) I have been pain free for almost 3 years and suddenly it came back. I was 26 weeks pregnant and living in the smoke from the fires in Northern California. After 4 days living in the smoke, the pain came back. I was floored. I had underestimated the environmental toxins. It took me about 3 weeks to figure out what had fallen apart in my body but once I incorporated the right combinations of things into my diet, I was pain free almost over night. I woke up the next morning and it was just gone. Gone. I even ate some dairy and cake on my birthday a few days later and I was still pain free. So crazy. This is how I did it.

*I don't expect that this will resolve most women's pain that quickly because I have spent years repairing my body but I'm hoping this new understanding will speed up everyone's recovery time. I wish it does though!
I want to warn all those fighting V and those who are now living pain free about what I’m going to start calling the ‘Perfect Storm.’ Basically, now looking back I had multiple things hitting me at once. There were horrible fires in my area and I lived in toxic smoke for almost 2 weeks, the pain began 4 days after the smoke started. The picture above is a satellite photo of my home town. It is located underneath that smoke. Usually, the air quality in my area is 0-5, around this time it ranged from 150-250. Crap. 

I was also 26 weeks pregnant (pregnancy gives 80% of your immunity to your baby, leaving you only with 20%), I wasn’t eating very well (pregnancy cravings are legit) and honestly I’m kinda stressed cause we might be moving to Europe (stress reduces your immunity as well). Looking back, I think if I faced only a few of these issues, I would have been fine. But 4 days after living in the smoke, it just broke me. The V pain was back.

This pain was crazy. It would vacillate between burning inside the vagina, outside burning, itchiness, UTI, bladder pressure, muscle tension, swollen and tight pelvic muscles. Literally overnight and it kept coming back. Nettle leaf tea would alleviate the burning. Then the UTI symptoms would start. I would hold goldenseal in my mouth, the UTI pain would fade but then start again near the vagina. I was having all these different symptoms in one day. When I would get one under control, another one would start. It felt like I kept getting reinfected over and over again. I know viruses (strep or shingles, I’ve had both) cause these symptoms but I just couldn’t get them under control. The pain would continue like this even though I was staying away from all the NO foods. It was infuriating.

I basically went down the list in my own blog and just kept throwing things at it. Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, heavy metal detox, celery juice, 6-8 dates. When I did all this the pain/irritation would go away for about 5 hours but then it would come back. These also worked at times: 1 box sprouts, 1 cup sweet potatoes. I kept reading Anthony William’s material knowing that I was missing something. During this pregnancy, I noticed that I had been getting decay in my teeth. I also had acid reflux and after the fires I stopped pooping in the morning. Now I was only pooping at night which started around the time of the fires. I also couldn't sleep through the night. All classic symptoms of ammonia permeability.

Ammonia Permeability
The theory that made the most sense was that the toxins in the air from the fires weakened my liver which weakened my HCL in my tummy. (It was already weak cause I’m pregnant and pregnancy is just hard on the body) This in turn damaged my digestion and my food wasn’t being processed quick enough. When this happens Anthony William argues that the undigested food releases ammonia gas and this gas can seep through anything, even bones and muscles, causing havoc. I’m guessing this ammonia gas reinflamed my lady parts allowing viruses that I must still have in my system to cause pain. My second guess, is that my weakened liver left my digestive system unprotected and I got a intestinal virus like ecoli which partnered with strep and inflamed my lady parts. Again.

  • Celery Juice (morning and night) - AW has an entire book explaining why this heals. If you are in pain, try to get in at least 24-32 ounces of CJ in the morning. Celery Juice (
  • Heavy Metal Detox - I have underestimated these metals. I knew the smoke from the fires triggered this pain, so it was pretty obvious that I needed to remove the toxins. *If you are pregnant the detox is great for you an the baby according to Anthony William.
  • Aloe Vera Water - This is a brilliant drink to kill all viruses in your tummy and heal ammonia permeability. I didn’t know about this years ago and this made THE difference this time. 
    • Important: MM has not stated that aloe vera is safe while pregnant but he also hasn't stated NOT to take it while pregnant. AW states NOT to drink most herbal tea while pregnant and DEFINITELY DON'T take cat's claw! One MM practitioner says aloe vera can cause uterine contractions. At this point I was in extreme pain and didn't want to take heavy pain medication so I felt aloe vera would be safer than conventional pain kills and worth a shot. Glad I did! 
  • Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf and red clover teas (ONE GLASS A DAY) - I’m pregnant so these lovely herbs are the few that are safe. Nettle and raspberry help with vaginal issues. Red clover heals your lymphatic system and helps with constipation. They all do a lot more! If you're pregnant you can only have one glass a day. AW states when drinking herbs, you just don't know how the baby is responding. If you're not pregnant, I would recommend drinking 3x day. Working with women, we have found alcohol free tinctures work the fastest and then loose leaf tea. Tea bags don't seem to be strong enough.
    • Looking back now, I realize that I totally could have healed on just juicing and smoothies alone. I still find them much more powerful that teas. 
  • Papaya celery juice - I have underestimated the papaya. This relieves burning skin sensation but more important it is a godsend for your tummy, especially when you juice it with celery. I realized the main instigator was not the viruses in my vagina but issues in my stomach, this solved all. My goal was to eat ½ a maradol papaya a day. Make sure to get maradol papaya which are the big ones. Other types of papaya have suffered GMO poisoning.
  • Filtered Water - My vagina only likes Berkey water and Reverse Osmosis water. Please assume that you probably can't heal or relieve your pain till you have a clean water source. Essential: Changing Your Water Source ( 
  • NO Foods - Instead of concentrating on removing the NO foods, focus on eating only veggies, fruits, potatoes and nuts. I add nuts because it’s better to not go hungry than to cheat because your brain needs more glucose. Staying away from that evil cupcake is even more important than staying away from fat ;) Remember y’all I’m currently pregnant! Hehe. I would also stay away from grains if you are in pain. If you don't know what the NO foods are these are the basics: dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, soy, weird oils, MSG (natural flavors), aluminum foil.
If you know Anthony William’s information you know that NOT doing straight celery juice in the morning is sacrilege but I was just concentrating on reducing my pain and this worked better. I’ll probably stay on this for a few months then switch back over to just celery again.
  • Upon Waking Green Juice: celery (heals everything), papaya (tummy, burning skin), cilantro (metal detox),  barley juice grass (metal detox), spirulina (metal detox) sometimes flat leaf parsley (removes metals for intestines). Wait 30 min to eat. I drank this in the morning and in the evening.
  • Breakfast Smoothie: frozen mangos (UTI, candida), cherries (PID and UTI), wild blueberries (metal detox and everything), 4 dates (vaginal pain), spinach (strep, EBV, shingles, UTI), banana (strep, shingles, candida), avocado, orange juice
  • Aloe Vera Juice - I added lime and honey to recipe mentioned above, it’s delicious. I drank this twice a day. Basically, buy fresh aloe leaves, cut a portion (at least 2 inches) blend with filtered water. (My hippie grocery store and Mexican markets sells them)
  • Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf and red clover. - I drank this once a day. If you’re not pregnant I would drink this 3x a day. Add cat’s claw, licorice root. They are great but not good for pregnancy.
  • Dulse - throw some dulse in there to complete the metal detox. I just shoot dulse flakes with orange juice since I can’t handle the taste.
It’s only been a week or so and I’ve noticed that even after some substantial cheats, my vagina is still very happy which is where I was before this happened. I’m still eating mostly healthy but I’m not living in fear of pain again. I still do my morning routine and now in the evening, I just drink aloe vera juice. 

When I've cheated, I’m still fine. Crazy. I'm sure you thought I am very disciplined... hehe, I'm not. I'm disciplined when I'm in pain. I do eat really well 90% of the time but more importantly I won't stop trying other Anthony William protocols until my pain stops. I just keep hammering away until I'm better. I honestly thought it would take me months to reach this point. 

When I was younger and had a V flare, there was an intense feeling of fear that accompanied it. I went to doctor after doctor and received no answers. This round is a little more intense because I’m trying to save my body and the body of my baby. But at the same time, I’m not guessing. I’m not looking to others to fix my pain. I know what I need to do and I just needed to figure out the right combination of things to combat the trigger which I think was living in the toxic smoke from the fires for weeks.

Yes, it’s frustrating and annoying and painful. Honestly, I wanted to never deal with V again to give this community hope that once their battle was done, it was done. But that would not be honest. The skills I learned to alleviate V pain are empowering. I don’t feel like a victim of a broken vagina anymore. During this battle, I know that I am the best qualified person to fix my own pain and there is an element of self trust and faith in myself truly knowing this.

During these weeks I even went to a few prenatal appointments and told them that I was having V flares but I knew they couldn’t do anything about it and I had it under control. And the doctors agreed. They knew, that I knew, they still have no clue. So they checked my baby and sent me on my way. I didn’t waste time asking them questions they didn’t know and since I had already seen all their best specialists years ago, they honestly looked relieved that I didn’t come in desperation to save my body and my child. I didn’t want to waste my time and my emotional time.

I had originally thought I was healed mainly because I was living pain free, sex was better than it had ever been and I have been able to carry a baby. I realize now that you really don't know you are healed until you are pregnant, living in toxic air and under a lot of stress. Basically, you won't know that you're truly healed until your body is weakened severely and can battle these elements while remaining pain free. I know now that I still have more healing to accomplish and I won't even know when I cross the finish line. But honestly, as long as I can do it pain free, I'm OK with that ;) 

Looking back, I realized that I was ignoring some of my ailments. I was just concentrating on relieving the vaginal pain and I focused on healing those problems. But now, the tooth decay, the acid reflux, the burping, pooping later in the day, were all key indicators that my liver and tummy were falling apart. Once I tackled those, then everything was able to heal. So when you are trying to figure out your personal protocols, I would recommend taking ALL your ailments into consideration. They can help you figure out what has fallen apart. Then just keep hammering away and try different protocols Anthony William recommends. One might be key in another fight that you won't know is important until you are healed and can piece everything together. I'll write a whole post about this subject.


So at 40 weeks and 9 days my water broke. Chloe was born in less than an hour later. It was such a crazy birth. We barely made it to the hospital. I had my son five years prior to Chloe and I was in labor for more than 30 hours. It was ridiculous. After his birth I was in physical pain for 6 months. I was a mess. 

After Chloe's birth, I showered by myself the next day. It was such a different experience. I probably would have preferred to have an epidural because you know, giving birth hurts horribly but there was no time. The birth was painful but very different than V pain. My V pain was more like a chemical burn, inside/outside. I didn't feel any V pain during the labor or afterwards. I stopped taking ibuprofen a few days after her birth cause I didn't need it. Crazy. I'm planning to write another post about V and pregnancy in the upcoming months.


  1. How are you currently ?, New episodes of vulvodynia have appeared?

    1. Nope. I’m still good. We moved to Ireland and my baby is still young so I’m tired but no burning vagina 🎉

  2. Thank you for sharing and r hit Ireland 😊

  3. Your website is a saver! I dont know what i would do without u( thank you so much for creating this page.
    Maybe you can advise… i had a pudental nerve trauma( and along with that i also catched strep( … i am healing strep but i know my nerve injured. I tried everything… and alot of things helped with pain like teas and green drink,but i am still not sure if i am doing the right thing,not sure if it will heal me,since its a injury. At tjis point i am so hopeless and kinda disabled since i cannot exercise,cant carry anything heavier than apple lol and cant do alot of other things too… maybe you know ANYTHING about pudent nerve trauma and if there is a chance to heal?(((((

    1. So my best advice would be to join our Facebook group "Vulva Warriors Medical Medium Healing" cause that way we can start a discourse. I have many questions that I need to ask your and others who have also healed can chime in as well. Take care!


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