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Medical Medium Basics

Here is another post to help you begin HOW TO BEGIN: STEP BY STEP

I’m glad you found my blog but I am so sorry you have been searching for this information. I’m guessing you have probably been through hell by now and I feel you. My personal pain was severe burning inside the vagina and outside the vagina. Mine was provoked at times and unprovoked at other times. It would mostly come in flares although internally it was always just too hot. When I did flare, it felt like a chemical burn which mostly ranged from 6-9 on the pain meter. It was diagnosed by western doctors as Vulvodynia. I’ve seen 20+ conventional doctors and specialists over the years and countless alternative ones. I struggled with this for almost 15 years and I now consider myself completely cured. As a group we should start specifying the pain type because vulvodynia is just not an accurate term for all the different types of issues out there. I also at times had yeast infections, lichen sclerosis, bacteria vaginosis, UTIs, small random cuts, basically everything. Sigh.

I followed the protocol by Anthony William and that cured everything. Everything. So this blog is going to help you through his protocols. Also, I coached for awhile and admin our Facebook group which has given me more experience to pull from. 

Click here to read my complete testimony


This fact alone changes everything.
The lotion or perfume in the product you’re using are feeding the virus that are inflaming your lady parts. Your lady parts are inflamed because certain foods you are eating feed a virus and/or bacteria which is inflaming your lady parts.

In Anthony William's Cleanse to Heal book he states that women who have chronic UTIs, yeast infections, bladder infections also have SIBO (strep in lower intestine). Women can also suffer from
"Vaginal Area Shingles" which causes a rash near the vagina which is more painful than most rashes found in that area. The "Vaginal Shingles" can also inflame the inside of the vagina and is also incredibly painful but there can also be no rash present. EBV also can cause burning of the skin as well. It is also good to note that burning skin sensations are a neurological issue. All these strands are currently undetectable by western medicine and most alternative doctors. He has a great chapter on EBV and another one on shingles in his book titled, Medical Medium (Revised).

These pathogens feed on foods like eggs, dairy, gluten etc. They also feed on toxins and heavy metals. The virus literally poops after consuming foods. These dermatoxins and/or neurotoxins are even more toxic then the virus itself. So to heal we must kill the viruses and detox the toxins/metals and remove the bad foods.

You can be healed from all of this. I was. Deep breath.

The protocol to kill these viruses and heal from the damage they have done to your body requires:

  1. Starve the viruses - learn the truth about these foods that feed these pathogens and start removing them from your 
  2. Safely remove the toxins/metals 
    1. Medical Medium: Heavy Metal Detox
  3. Strengthen your body and kill the viruses with certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, supplements
  4. Immersion - for a time you will really need to immerse yourself in this information. Listen to Anthony William radio shows, read the posts, books, etc. You need to fully understand what’s going on in your body. If you don’t know what’s really going on in your body, then you will never have the self discipline to put down the donut ;) The other part is you need to start believing you will heal. Listen to success stories. Listen to his radio shows and try to feel how your body resonates with the information. The stronger you believe you can heal, the more determined you will be stay on the protocol. 

The "Healing Process" above looks simple enough. In a few short paragraphs, I have just told you that some or most of the food you are currently eating are feeding the viruses/bacteria which are causing your pain. Eek! You are not alone. I know this might seem a little overwhelming. I would highly suggest you join our communities for support.

This is a process. It is a process to resonate with this information and to start seeing patterns in your pain. It is a process to learn about what has been going on in your body all these years. It is a process to remove these foods one by one.

I realize that for most women it is difficult to do this process alone. 
Vulva Warriors Medical Medium is a Facebook group of women healing from vaginal pain and issues who are using MM protocols to heal. This is the best place to start. We are there to help!

I used to run cross-country for my university. It is an individual sport but runners train together. They work out together. I would have never run as fast or as long as I did without my team running along beside me. This is what we have been missing this whole time! We just needed EACH OTHER to run this race!

I have been there. Standing in my kitchen, vagina burning, shaking in fear as the pain worsens. I attempt to see what I am doing through the tears streaming down my face as I once again make celery juice. That could make anyone go fucking crazy. But the effort that you have to put into your daily activities, should not be underestimated. You are a warrior!

I was raised in sports. The self discipline and effort I built in sports doesn’t even compare to the discipline I acquired from being in chronic pain. 20 steps to the kitchen with a burning vagina were more difficult than all the races I ran, combined.

So please don’t underestimate the effort it takes you to live your daily life. You should be proud of yourself that you went to work, brushed your teeth and that you are still alive while living with chronic pain. It takes some serious strength to face your day in pain. You’re a badass for calling in sick and staying home, giving your body time to rest. You’re amazing for continuing to hope that there is answer to your pain. Be brave. I am healed. Please don’t give up hope.

It’s your sanity. This is important. I wish I could give you a pill and make this all go away but I can’t. You will shortly be reading about the protocol Anthony William recommends. Some women jump in and do everything at once. If you’re one of these people go for it. That’s amazing. I was not one of those people. If you’re eating pretty healthy then this protocol might not change your diet much. Again, I was not one of those people. 

Changing everything at once would have made me crazy. I am slow a steady type of person. It’s your responsibility to listen to your body and be compassionate with yourself. Incorporate what you can and focus on just eating a little better everyday. The exception to this rule is when you are in a lot of pain and will do ANYTHING for it to stop. Ride this pain wave, ride it as long as you can. In my experience, when my pain ended so did my motivation and I had to use the "slow and steady" approach the rest of the way BUT I was able to accomplish lots of healing when I was fighting extremely painful ailments... fuck you shingles. (I'll talk more about healing speeds in the next beginner post, see below)

The main point is that your number one priority is your SANITY then you need to take care of your body and soul like you would a baby. Yes, you need to detox but it’s up to your body how fast she wants to heal and it’s your responsibility to listen to her. So if celery juice irritates you start with cucumber juice then graduate to celery in time. If you have a hard time mentally coping with chronic pain, hire a therapist. If all of this is too much, hire an MM coach (post 7). If you can't afford those things (I was on a very tight budget while healing my most painful ailments) then make sure you are treating yourself gently and listen to some of MM's meditations and learn about the angels (I'll talk more about them in the next post as well). Take a deep breath and keep reading. You can do this. You are not alone. 

Here is another post to help you begin HOW TO BEGIN: STEP BY STEP


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  2. Hello wow I'm so excited about this information
    I have been like what am I dealing with??!?!!? For more then Two years.
    I have a question about the retraining nerves is the hot and cold pack for the vagina? Or just your body

    1. I'm so sorry! It was the worst! Ok... so my pain was gone by the time Anthony William recommended the retraining nerves with hot and cold packs. It has helped some I've coached though. Just use the packs on the inflamed areas. Remember though that you are fighting a very real VIRUS. So it's more important to incorporate the things that will kill it and take out the things in your diet that feed it. You'll need to be very diligent for awhile (but not forever) and just be relentless. Hit it with something every few hours, don't let it recuperate. Check out my most recent blog post. It explains how I did that.

  3. Thank you for this blog! I have the same story and I think my issues are virus related. I do eat 'clean' but now I am going to follow MM protocols more closely. Btw last year I was drinking celery and it was making my body itch so I stopped. I will try your recommended cucumber.

    1. Yes please follow your body! Celery juice will probably be pivotal in your healing but your body is ready for that level of healing. Cucumber juice is a great way to graduate to the next level! I'm here is you have any questions.


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