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What the hell do I eat then?

I stole the title above directly from Anthony William and this will be the hardest lesson to learn. The more you eat fruits and veggies, the faster you will heal. Once you learn to cook a few good recipes and detox from your old foods, you’ll start craving the foods that love you. I’m say this out of experience. As a child I ate mostly spaghetti o’s and macaroni cheese from a box. In my twenties, I craved chocolate like an addict and would hide it from my friends because they would take it away from me knowing how much pain it caused my vagina. If I (mostly) detoxed from my old foods and now wake up carving a green bowl in the morning, so can you!

Anthony William mentions in his most recent book that you will start to experience extreme cravings from your old bad food when you start cleaning up you diet. The reason is that your body is releasing toxins from that particular food so you will crave it intensely until those toxins have been removed. Try not to give in to that particular craving and get over the hump. Once you release those toxins, the craving subside. I found this to be true in my experience!

If you are currently fighting pain, I would recommend removing it altogether (for now) or keep it to the bare minimum. AW argues that 90% of pelvic inflammatory diseases are caused by strep. Strep loves high fat. All meat is high fat, even the lean cuts. Strep absolutely loves pork, so pork is definitely out. He also recommends keeping out farmed fish as well. (Source: Healing UTIs Radio Show, 3.15.18)

Animal fat/meat is particularly hard on the liver. You need your liver to process the toxins, specifically the viruses and toxins burning your vagina to be a top priority. He also talks about how animal products are full of crap (antibiotics, hormones, condensed radiation, etc.) and even if you get pasture grass fed meat, your body still has to process the adrenaline that is circulating in an animal's body at the time of slaughter. So... meat definitely isn't the best and won't help you heal nor is it beneficial for your body. Crazy but kinda makes sense. Also animal meat clogs up the blood so there is less oxygen in the blood to heal, kill viruses and circulate through your system.

I have noticed that years ago when I healed he was not anti-meat but it seems that in the last year or so he has been a little more outspoken about the harm that meat can do. It's been a bit of a shift. So just remember to prioritize your NO foods correctly. First remove the NO foods and make that a top priority. Next tackle your meat and fat consumption.

Fatigue and Vulvodynia
Are you tired? Does doing all this food therapy sound impossible because you are too tired to stand. To keep up with your food and your life, you'll need to heal your chronic fatigue as well. You can be tired from adrenal fatigue or an inflamed nervous system. The viruses that have inflamed your lady parts also love to attach your adrenals and/or your nervous system. You could also have adrenal fatigue from being in chronic pain all the time. This is hard. I know.

Adrenals are meant to release adrenaline when being chased by a wild animal or something. They were not meant to be used on a daily basis. So when I was struggling with a burning vagina, I found that my adrenals were worn out. This could be because they would release adrenaline while I was attempting to handle heavy loads of pain. Also the same viruses the have attacked your lady part love to attack the adrenals. You will know if your adrenals are weak when you are tired during the day, can’t sleep at night, craving stimulants, etc.

So, let’s heal our adrenals as well. Eat every two hours. If you eat every two hours, you adrenals don’t have to work. Your adrenals kick in when you are hungry. If they are resting, they will have time to heal. They will also heal with fruits and veggies. Anthony William talks about this a lot.

You could also be tired from an inflamed neurological system. The same viruses inflaming your lady part also like to inflame your nervous system which makes you chronically tired. So the faster you kill the viruses the faster your energy will return.

HEALING FATIGUE (I added a * next to my favorites)
Teas: *licorice root, *ashwagandha, *astralagus, schisandra berry, lemon balm
Supplements: *zinc B12, ester C, *spirulina

Stop eating the following foods that feed the virus inflaming your nervous system causing your fatigue: dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, gluten, canola oil, aluminium foil, sugar, MSG (natural flavors).

Foods that help chronic fatigue:

Metal Detox You have metals. At least I had metals which painfully aggravated my V. Metals feed all the viruses you have. If you're wondering if you have more metals than the normal person, you probably do because of the V. You can tell if metals are holding you back if you or your family has a history of anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, sleeping issues, addictions and most psychological issues actually. Metals are the worst.

The only way to get metals out is through taking the 5 things below within 24 hour period over a period of time. In the beginning, start with blueberries, cilantro and Hawaiian spirulina. If you're not making the progress you would like to make then incorporate the other two.
1) Wild blueberries (1 cup in the morning or lots on my smoothie bowl) 2) Cilantro (add to smoothie bowl during breakfast or juice it later with lemon and coconut water in afternoon)
3) Dulse Flakes (This stuff is gross. I shoot it will Elderberry syrup and lemon juice. I can't figure out how to ingest it any other way)
4) Hawaiian Spirulina (morning smoothie bowl) 5) Barley Juice Grass (morning smoothie bowl)

What supplements should I buy?
Why is this so important?:

These are the most powerful foods for Strep/EBV/Shingles:
The best foods for Strep:
Wild blueberries, bananas, berries, spinach, arugula, ginger, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, garlic, winter squash, sweet potato, kale, onions especially for PID, turmeric, celery juice, raw honey, dates.

The best foods for EBV:
Wild blueberries, celery, asparagus, spinach, cilantro, parsley, coconut oil, ginger, raspberries, lettuce, papayas, apricot, grapefruit, kale, sweet potatoes, cucumbers fennel.

The best foods for Shingles: Wild blueberries, coconuts, papayas, red-skinned apples, pears, artichokes, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, lettuce (leafy/deep green), green beans, avocados.

Daily Meal Plan
I found that this meal plan works for myself best. I recommend conquering breakfast first and to make this a heavier meal. Start the day full because if you go hungry, you’ll cheat and then you’ll have to detox from that cheat burdening your liver further. It’s a vicious cycle. I also snack every two hours which heals the adrenals which gives me enough energy to keep this up ;)

Basically, I do a heavy breakfast, a salad for lunch and then a heavy dinner. Sometimes I’m hungrier early in the day so I’ll have my heavy meal for lunch and salad for dinner.

Daily Overview
Before Breakfast
Lemon Water (before celery juice, upon waking)
Celery Juice (after lemon water, before breakfast)
Breakfast or Morning Snacks Green Bowl/Smoothie or Miracle Green Drink
Sweet Potatoes

Salad with Steamed Potatoes
Healing Broth Soup

Afternoon Snack
Miracle Green Drink

Dinner I'm still figuring out my favorite dinners

Drinks Throughout the Day
Your tea concoction
Lemon water
Lemon honey water
Aloe Vera Water
Cucumber juice
*Celery obviously in the morning

Before Breakfast
½ lemon and filtered water - upon waking, helps to cleanse the liver
1 cup of celery juice - 20min after the lemon water.
This stuff is a miracle. You have good stomach acid and bad. This helps to replenish the good. It will help your intestines/stomach digest food, deal with toxins and help eliminate the things that should be eliminated on a daily basis that are currently probably causing havoc with your vagina.

Breakfast Recipes
I'll be adding more recipes but at least you these will help you start. For breakfast, I eat a smoothie drink/bowl plus something heavy like pancakes, hashbrowns, etc. Start the day full to reduce food cravings! See the recipes below.

Morning Melon
AW recommends eating melon daily. It's best to eat it on an empty stomach, so I Iike to have it between my celery juice and smoothie bowl
Why eat melon daily?

Breakfast Smoothie Bowls
If I don't have a smoothie bowl for breakfast then I make a shake for a morning snack, just add more orange juice. Feel free to get creative with your smoothie bowls. Follow your body and intuition! Listen to what your body is craving. If that is cupcakes... you're probably wrong. Try again ;)

Creative Smoothie
Base:1 banana, 1/2 avocado, spinach, 1 orange, 1 cup wild blueberries
My favorite: Everything above plus frozen mango, dates, cherries
Options: papaya, pear, mango, blueberries, frozen cherries, strawberries
Don't include the eggs, make sure the sausage is chicken or turkey and use avocado oil to cook. I used to include sausage, now I don't need it. My cravings have changed which is a good thing.

Sweet Potato Pie Filling
Yes, sweet potato pie is a perfect snack after lunch or dessert. Since finding Anthony William I have been nursing my son so I still haven't been able to do the raw food 30 day cleanse. Sweet potatoes are particularly good for those who are nursing and need calories or those who want to gain weight or lose weight. I know this sounds strange but read the chapter on sweet potatoes in his second book. I notice a dramatic reduction in my tummy pooch if I'm eating sweet potatoes regularly.

6 cups of peeled/diced orange sweet potatoes (small)
3/4C raw cashews 5 dates (soft, skin removed, nut removed) I removed the skin while running it under the faucet

In Vitamix: 
Add steamed cashews to bottom and dates, then sweet potatoes
1/4 C of honey or maple syrup
1-2T fresh ginger grated (depending how much you like ginger)
Coconut aminos (probably 2 T)
Pumpkin Pie spice and cinnamon

Miracle Drink
Fruit, fruit, fruit!
Banana ice cream
Banana with fresh almond butter and honey
Cooked sweet potato
Banana with honey and coconut
Wild frozen blueberries with honey
Kale chips
Applesauce - blend one apple, lemon juice, cinnamon (that’s it and it’s really good)
Nuts - again the liver has work to digest fat but nut fat is much easier for the liver to digest than animal fat. Just avoid being hungry and nuts are great for this.

Lunch Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes That Targets Strep/EBV/Shingles Vulvodynia
As you can see from my list above it turns out spinach, arugula, kale and lettuce are incredibly healing for those struggling with Strep/EBV/Shingles Vulvodynia. Who knew? So make sure those are part of your green leaf base. We’re gonna turn a salad into a vulvodynia weapon! Woot woot!

I have added an asterisk next to the foods/herbs that are the most powerful weapons against Strep/EBV/Shngles Vulvodynia. Incorporate as much of those in your salad as possible.

*spinach, *arugula, *kale, *lettuce

*Berries, *wild blueberries, *raspberries, *onions, *celery, *asparagus, *cilantro, *papaya, *apricot, *grapefruit, *fennel

Don’t walk away hungry! Make sure to include
Diced and roasted (*Winter squash, *orange sweet potatoes, *white sweet potatoes) nuts, avocado, fresh coconut

Salad Dressing
Sweet Favorite: 1T lemon juice, 1T honey, 2T olive oil, little salt (I make a bunch at one time usually)
Pear Dressing: 1T lemon juice, 1T honey, 4-5 pieces of pear, avocado oil, little salt
Mango Poppyseed Dressing: 1T lemon juice, 1T honey, 4-5 pieces of mango, avocado oil, little salt, poppyseeds
You can use these as well to spice them up: *Ginger, *turmeric, maple syrup, *lemon, *coconut oil

*oregano, *thyme, *rosemary, *sage

Other Lunch Recipes:
Potato Salad
*You don't have to add the vinegar, maybe use lemon juice instead 

Steamed Artichoke

This is a great collection of Medical Medium recipes

If You Have a Flare Up - Miracle Green Drink
If you are in active pain, this always helped me. Obviously, if you need to get this down between meals, make a juice. If you need to replace a meal/snack, make a smoothie.

My new favorite: 
Flat leaf parsley (optional)

My original:
Zinc (add 5 drops after nutbag)

Blend all the ingredients above.
Juice: Squeeze through a nutbag. Add 5 drops of zinc and 1T of Hawaiian Spirulina. (Use only the zinc and spirulina recommended in the link below, I’ll explain later) Your system is currently weak and juicing this will help you absorb the nutrients/medicine without having your body work for it. My original recipe worked without the zinc and spirulina but I found that they made it stronger.

Heavy Metal Detox
I find it was the easiest to replace my morning smoothie with the heavy metal detox or drink this before lunch. Although, your lunch will be much smaller since this is filling.

Heavy Metal Detox - 5 things remove metals: cilantro, wild blueberries, dulse, hawaiian spirulina, barley juice grass. I take the dulse separately because I think it tastes gross in the smoothie. There is a recipe in the link. If you need tips for this let me know.

Raw Veggie Cleanse
Anthony William’s recommends a strict raw veggie diet while detoxing for a month. Once I found AW, I was nursing my son and he doesn’t recommend it to those who are pregnant or nursing since it’s not enough calories. Instead I just removed most of the no foods, reduced eating meat to once a day and added more veggies and fruit. Trust your intuition during this healing process. Maybe doing a raw veggie cleanse for a month would alleviate the pain faster. I’m not sure. But whatever you do, don’t try the raw veggie cleanse and then cheat before you are healed because you don’t want your liver to start releasing toxins too fast and then flood your body with another wave of difficult food if you cheat. Your body will be very angry with you. If you decide to do the raw veggie cleanse, try to do the whole thing all the way through. Read Anthony William’s book the Medical Medium first. If you will probably cheat, I recommend doing this slowly rather than drastically and flip flopping.

More Food Recommendations It takes me a long time to perfect a recipe. So unfortunately, I'll be posting recipes slowly. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Some of my favorite collections of recipes are on the Pinterest boards of the following people below. Sometimes I need to tweak them but it's a good place to start.

Healing with Tea Concoctions
Click here for more information


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